Simba the City dog now takes up a new assignment

Simba since his move to the City had adjusted very well in his new life. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. At 13 human years of age (converted to dog years is 91) he has been a remarkable dog. See the previous post by clicking here
Well one day, it was time for Simba to experience another new adventure due to a new assignment given to him! He got on the car to be taken to another place west of the city to an industrial area. As I turned to the Federal Highway from near the apartment, my cell phone rang and I answered the call. To my horror, I saw in my rear view mirror a traffic policeman tailing behind me on his motorcycle. Ohh noo I thought as he got to my right side to probably tell me to pull to the side. But to my surprise he sped off instead after seeing Simba on my left passenger seat! Thanks Simba for saving my day for not getting a ticket. Hahahaha!

Well we soon arrived to our destination, the new warehouse of my latest project with eXfuze USA.

Simba made a quick survey of the premises

Even tried to read the banners! From his behaviour and where he finally rested, I think he felt very comfortable in his new premises. Of course he couldn't be left sitting at the main door of the warehouse office as it might scare away the visitors. So he was soon shown to his quarters and the area of his new assignment, to be the Guard Dog for the back and side portions of the warehouse!

Simba is thinking maybe he might be added to the Story of 7 found in the eXfuze journal

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