The running dog and his meetings

In my work as a management consultant, I am constantly meeting people to match talents, resources and opportunities in the business world and then to manage the trickiest part ie to achieve the full potential or collective genius of the team for business results. This trip is particularly short as some of the key people were willing to fly from out of town and country to meet in Salt Lake City and that saves me much time in flying around the large North American continent just for meetings!

Some of my meetings are when the sun is still rising and in summer time here, that's way early!
But I'm appreciative of the people who are willing to meet with me to acquaint each other of talents, skills and opportunities to find a match for problem solving solutions and fulfilment of business objectives.
I also get to view the latest science in action ....

....and technologies in production in these advanced economies.
Not forgetting learning about production of virtual lectures on the internet...
...where my associates and I received a briefing from the expert Charles Castleberry
Besides production expertise, we got to meet the relationship expert...
... Dr Kevin Skinner, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist. His latest work on treating pornography addiction (5CDs + book) is timely for our day. He is currently a Bishop with a family of 6 daughters!

Meeting with us are two distinguished authors James Michael Pratt(left) and Mark Kastleman who lightened up our meeting!
I'm appreciative of this particular informal meeting with Paulo Bangerter, the person who gave me the first break in consulting to the direct sales industry many years ago. He is a legal counsellor by background but have been fulfilling various key positions in his company including being the C.E.O. We have become friends for years though in our busy schedules of travel and work, we could hardly find time to meet.
  Here we caught him in his home just for a few minutes where some of our family members could meet together......
...and he had time to show us his latest hobby, bee farming!

And here is the man who baptized me 27 years ago in Australia, Stephen Brown(center), with his family on his right and his Bishop, Kevin Guest and wife on his left, on a Sunday afternoon visit.
Here is Cody Day junior, Connor, at the Tahitian Noni Cafe in Provo with his mom Charlene.


Anonymous said...

dad?two words above the first picture was wrong I think.Whats part ie?

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hi Ray,

'ie' is the abbrievation or short form of the words 'that is to say'. As an abbrievation or short form it should have full stops in it as 'i.e.'

So in my sentence ie was referring to the trickiest part as explained after the 'ie' abbreviation.

Hope that makes sense to you and thanks for pointing it out.