The Running Dog enjoys the summer break too

Summer time is the slow season here where everyone takes their vacation. Since Su was working during the week as a counsellor in the BYU Summer Camp and I was busy with my meetings, I took the opportunity to have a break with her on a Saturday :

She brought her friends along for a hike to the Timpanogos Cave, a 1.5 mile journey up over a thousand feet higher from the base of the mountains

Since we had to wait for over an hour for our turn, as per the instructions of the park ranger, we had a relaxing start to our hike, picnicking at a nearby lake
..watching the wild ducks playing in the water
and watching Su chipping stones on the water
Soon it was time for us to begin our hike up the steep northern slope of Mt Timpanogos(Elevation 11,750 ft) on the trail to the caves. We will climb 1,092 feet in 1.5 miles on a zigzag hard-surfaced trail.
The three of them believed they were the Charlie Angel's team.. know, the trio who were invincible and made everything possible?
Combined with Dad the KL City Kid, the foursome just became awsome!
We finally made it to the entrance of the caves in about an hour to get a little time to rest before our scheduled time to enter the caves for a tour. The Charlie Angel's trio still looked pretty good after the strenuous climb.
Hmmmm...whose feet are these sticking up there?
Ohh...that of the fourth member of the team, looking really awesome!
Soon it was time to enter the caves led by the ranger tour guide
From a 100 degrees fahrenheight temperature outside, it dropped to about 30 degrees inside the cave!
The stalactites seems to give Dad a recharge of energy.
Wonders of Nature is truly Awesome!
The view up in the mountains is magnificent!
It's nice to able to buy guns in America...
...but this is just a pellet gun for target practice!

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