Dad hopped on the plane again to USA

To be picked up by beautiful Su with a smiling welcome at the airport
I took the car from Su to use but first some service maintainenance to the engine as girls usually don't do this.
To be completed by a good wash in the hot sunny summer weather
I noticed the back tires were getting bald so the car had to be sent to the tire shop.
Being tired of all the American fast food, I have the opportunity to do my own cooking, thanks to the hospitality of the Ormonds when I stay at their home
It's usually a bowl of noodles with lots of vege, an egg with chicken and straw mushrooms yum yum
Ahhh..... but I've never got tired of eating Gyros from the Greeks!
No matter what I would eat for the main meal, I would always make sure that I get from the supermarket fruits in season and..... it's cherries, nectarines and apricots this summer!

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