Want some M&Ms ?

Here I am at the airport lounge in Seoul, Korea with a 13 hours layover and nothing much to do...feeling bored all alone....until I did some catch up reading of our family blogs at the free internet kiosks!!! Now I'm inspired! Watch out! hehehe It's time for me to reflect about our family, our country and the world, WoW! How quickly I find something to do isn't it?

Yup our minds are incredible. You just need to trigger it with a thought and away it goes into an auto mode and here goes mine.....

At this point in our life, we have one Chinglish daughter in Beijing and another who just landed in Salt Lake City who might turn out to be a 'Utard'(Utah Mormon)! With 4 boys still 'hatching' at home in Kuala Lumpur loaded with tonnes of homework in 3 languages and a Singaporean mom who declared recently she has lived more of her life in Malaysia than Singapore, I like to ask you if you want some M & M kids that we have produced?

Yup, M & M kids coz they're Malaysians and Mormons, what a combination isn't it? A US 'Utard' friend and associate of mine flew in recently to Kuala Lumpur to conduct a workshop and we met in a busy intersection in KL. It was his first visit to Malaysia and one of his first comments was how he loved the excitement of the place and the high energy level of the people.

In retrospect I told him that having lived all my life in Malaysia, I am intrigue myself how a unique culture has evolved from the diversity of the people living peacefully in this land. In many ways I said it was like America which gave freedom to the people by law or constitution. Here the people enjoy freedom by sheer respect and love of one another. It made the races blend though they may be so diversed in their food,language, religion or way of dressing.

In America people lose their culture by becoming an American in that giant melting pot. Here they continue to live, worship and dress the way they choose all so differently but equally acceptable. In that busy intersection, we could see Africans, Caucasians, Arabs and a host of Asians walking freely, seemingly happily and most important, peacefully. This is the land of Malaysia!

More about the infusion of Mormon culture into our home and its effects later... the other M part of the equation.


Han 文翰 said...

WoW...that's nice to hear from you. If you're reading this in time...Su left her Dell laptop and skate board at the slc airport. So when you arrive, can u pls pick them up for her?

Blur Queen

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hmmmm isn't the modern world confusing these days when people with real names get to choose nicks to communicate in and then they decide to use some other person's real name and identify themselves with yet another nick!! Heheh

I still have another 5 hours to go so tell me if it's to be found at the lost & found department or was it baggage unclaimed?

Singapore Girl said...

yup, pls try at the lost and found. The skate board was checked in, it has a tag. Not sure if this would be at the lost and found or would be at the unclaimed baggage. I tried calling su but no one answered the phone.

Blur Queen again

Dad the KL city kid said...

I am still blur! At which point in time was the skateboard lost? After collecting it at the carousel? Surely the laptop wasn't checked in too right so where and when was that lost? Be mindful what time you are calling Utah and try Richard's cell number found in the mail to Su that I had cced you.

I'm boarding in about 20mins time as my departure time is 9.10pm and we are 1 hour ahead here in Seoul.

1 Blur Queen + 1 Blur King = 1 Blur Daughter right? ...or could it be 6 blur kids!!!!! hahaha

Singapore Girl said...

aiyah, i think you left already. We're at British council now. Her laptop was left on the trolley station. She absent mindedly put the labtop down to retrieve a trolley and forgot to take it along. I'm not so sure about the skate board.

You can still read this at LA?