SJI Johannian reunion (years in school from 1971-77) planned for Sat Dec 8, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur


Any further information on the Dec 8, 2018 event will be updated on this same blog post so remember to click this link ( to access this page and you can copy the link to pass to others who like to register and confirm for this fun and heartwarming "ROARING 60s" reunion event set to "OPEN UP YOUR MIND"

The event will be at the GTower Hotel in the Club floor or Level 28. Full Event Dinner Guests  arrive at 6.30pm Saturday, Dec 8th, 2018 while After Dinner Guests arrive at 9pm. A guest list will be at the reception for all participants to register. A buffet dinner will commence a little after 7pm where at 9.30pm, a cake cutting ceremony will kick off continued mingle, fun activities with dance music & Karaoke till 1am or later. Free flow of soft drinks are provided all night. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased from the bar.

Special Mystery Guest: Introduced at the start of the cake cutting ceremony to surprise all present who will "OPEN UP YOUR MIND" and even may change your life after 60 forever!

Location: The GTower Hotel is located at 199 Jln Tun Razak KL, just beside the Tabung Haji building or near the junction with Jln Ampang. The event will be at the Club level or Level 28, a change from the RoofTop previously planned which is closed for renovation.  Click here for map location.

The above is the inside area with balcony view outside as per the first photo above

Dress Code: Roaring 60s outfit with prizes for best-dressed individuals judged by the teachers.

Dinner: Western-themed Buffet Menu with Charcuteries (cold cuts) a variety of seasonal fresh garden salad, cream of mushrooms soup and an assortment of bread rolls with butter. Mains include Roasted chicken with cashew nuts and oyster sauce, red snapper fillets with spicy herbed tomato sauce, roasted leg of lamb with sage and tossed garlic, Asian-styled spicy fried noodles with shrimps, dauphinoise potatoes, mixed vegetables in rosemary butter, steamed fragrant rice. Dessert includes a fine assortment of cakes and pastries, cream caramel, coconut custard, raspberry yogurt mousse in shot glasses, fruit tarts, seasonal tropical fruits platter. Coffee or tea and soft drinks with 2 types of chilled fruit juices.

Music: Best of 60s music and some 70's music for after dinner events which includes mingling activities and dance.

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS with Instant registration and follow-up confirmation :

RM150 for those registered for the full dinner which includes after dinner event.
Arrival Time: 6.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Only registration with payment for below is available: 

RM50 for After Dinner Events only, catered for those with prior dinner appointments, with cakes served, titbits and a free flow of soft drinks served till midnight or longer. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased from the bar that closes at 1am. There will be prizes, dance and lots of mingling and fun including karaoke. Arrival Time: 9pm

Make payment to RHB bank account no: 21421310150223 under the exact name of Fastlane

Email to to give your name or list of names you're paying for, amount, date and time of banking in and a returned confirmation email will be sent back to you or "pd" will be marked on the list of participants found in the WhatsApp group list. The former is only for those who did not use digital interbank transfer where information of who is paying for what is in the banking system already. You can even email a screenshot of your bank in slip if you banked in manually or if paying for a list of names to include those names in an email or WhatsApp message. This will help to identify payments not via internet banking or payment for a group of names. If no confirmation is acknowledged through the WhatsApp latest list, on this landing page list, reply email or any other means, you can call 03 2110 0639 for assistance. Use the same email above or relevant WhatsApp groups to submit in advance Youtube karaoke songs you desire to sing.

(For the After Dinner Events, there is a simulation of 'SJI Drive Soap Box' contest or 'Job Alongs' where a batch payment for 4 persons will be charged at a 3 persons' price of RM150 only. All excess collection above costs will be donated to poor students of St John's through Bro Augustine who is a member of the Board of Governors of SJI.)

Last day for registration and confirmation by banking in cash or online payment for the after dinner events is NOON Sat 8 Dec 2018. confirmed by payment of RM50 per person which can be grouped together as stipulated in the above paragraph.

A full names list of all those paid and confirmed for 7pm and 9pm event will be available at the door on the evening of the event. (Strictly No Entry for those whose names are not in the list at any time during the event to be fair to everyone else who had to pay in advance as we have to pay in advance before the function as required by the hotel.)  The list below will be updated daily until 7 Dec 2018.

Registration and Confirmation: Payment of RM50 by Noon of Sat 8 Dec 2018
"ROARING 60s" reunion event set to "OPEN UP YOUR MIND" Special Mystery Guest: Introduced at the start of the cake cutting ceremony, 9.30pm to surprise all present who will "OPEN UP YOUR MIND" and even may change your life after 60 forever!
Alumni Reunion SJI 1971-1977 Saturday 8th December 2018 
Venue Gtower Hotel Club floor or Level 28, 199 Jalan Tun Razak (Beside Tabung Haji Building)
Time Start from 9pm 
Parking RM4/-
Attendance List for After Dinner Events - 9pm - 1am.

1) Pardip pd
2) Jalal pd
3) Radziff pd
4) Cho Yong Fei pd
5) Poh Lin pd


SOLD OUT: Registration closed
Alumni Reunion SJI 1971-1977 Saturday 8th December 2018
Venue Gtower Hotel Club floor or Level 28, 199 Jalan Tun Razak (Beside the Tabung Haji Building)
Time Start from 7pm. (Arrival 6.30pm)
Parking RM4/-
Atendance List for full dinner event.
1)Sun Fu pd
2)Vincent Liew (pd) 
3)Thim Mun (pd)
4)James Buxton pd
5) Lionel Cornelius pd
6) Kay Tat pd
7) Vincent Wan (pd)
8) Ahmad Zubir pd
9) Natarajan (pd)
10) Ignatius Kraal pd
12) Teacher Mr Tee Kok Bin (foc)
13) Harjeet Singh pd
14) Manon Lopez pd                
15) Thor Kong Hock pd.
16) Govind Nair pd
17) Charles Ooi pd
18) Lim Sim Seng pd
19) Lim Yan Pok pd
20) Harold Quek pd
21) Lim Lig Gene pd
22) Francis Tan pd
23) Eik Mai pd
24) Karl Tan pd
25) Kuan Kah Soon pd
26) Tan Kim Teck pd
27) Alvin Lim Kim Chuan pd
28) Leong Kwok Hung pd
29) Terence Saw pd
30) Eugene Hon pd
31) Dato Carol Chan pd
32) John Chacko pd
33) Jeffery KK Phang
34) Rozzana Chung Yoke Lin pd
35) Dr Shaidan pd
36) Teacher Stanley van Dort foc
37) Teacher Bro Augustine foc
38) Teacher David Fernandez  foc
39) James Edison pd
40) Dato Zarul Ahmad pd
41) Bob Toh pd. 
42) Duke Low pd
43) Teacher Sis Emmanuel (foc)
44) Dr Malek Reedzuan pd
45) Stephen Chiam pd
46) Darius Abdullah pd
47) Lai Leong Yew pd
48) Teacher Mrs Janet Gonzales foc
49) Lee Chuan Huat pd
50) Allan Chan Hock Chai pd
51) Wong Tuck Keong pd
52) Lee Seng Kiong pd
53) Wong Kien Mun pd
54) Teacher Kiru Rokk foc
55)  Fong Jones pd
56) Teacher Dr Indrani Manuel AMN foc
57) Ainuddin bin Hamid pd
58) Farah pd
59) Wong Keng Lan pd
60) Gloria Lee Loo Ching pd
61) Annie Wong pd

More Teachers may be added.

Some old pics at school and reunion gatherings years after can be viewed here.


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Please pass on the link given, , by copy and paste, to other Johannians you know who can read the notice and enter their names to show early interest to participate by simply clicking any of the blue fb logo above to key in their names on a Facebook comment or enter their name and email address at the comments section of the blog post below here if they do not have a Facebook account

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Thanks Sun Fu count me in .Edgar Cheah

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