Thursday, June 08, 2017

SJI Johannian reunion (years in school from 1971-77) planned for Sat Dec 8, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur

Click any of the blue 'f ' facebook logo below to allow you to express your interest in joining us. It will automatically open up your facebook app to the fb post below to allow you to type your comments that indicate you will plan to participate.

For those who don't use facebook but have found this page through WhatsApp or Email messages etc, to have clicked this link ( ) to get here, you can type your comments using this blog comments section below. However, you have to type your name and email contact or phone number for us to know who you are and how we can contact you. Facebook users already have their identity and fb messenger to be contacted. Please pass the link above to others you may be in contact with to inform or remind them to do the same.

Any further information or changes to the Dec 8, 2018 event will be updated on this same blog post so remember to click this link to access this page - (

Feb 2017

Date of Dec 8, 2018 modified from the earlier date decided during this dinner in PJ to avoid the Christmas rush in the month of December :

Aug 2018

The GTowers Hotel RoofTop on the 29th Flr has been booked for our grand event on the entire evening of Saturday Dec 8th, 2018!

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Johannians in Facebook expressing interest to participate :

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Some who can't or don't use Facebook or the blog post comments can just email me at

To be continued with the names of all Johannians registering themselves for the Reunion on Dec 8, 2018...


Dad the KL city kid said...
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Sun Fu said...

Please pass on the link given, , by copy and paste, to other Johannians you know who can read the notice and enter their names to show early interest to participate by simply clicking any of the blue fb logo above to key in their names on a Facebook comment or enter their name and email address at the comments section of the blog post below here if they do not have a Facebook account

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sun Fu count me in .Edgar Cheah

Anonymous said...

Select the Anonymous option to leave a comment here if you don’t have a google account but leave your name and email address to make it clearer who you are. Sun Fu