In Memory of Lillian Lim of KL branch of the LDS Church in Malaysia (2021 updated)

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Called home to the Lord on the morning of Thursday 16th May 2013

Just the day before she passed away, when I heard that she had the 'death rattle' by her doctor, I found a quiet place in a grove of trees in Kuantan, by the sea in the east coast. I posted in facebook later in the day : "I keep replaying this video as I am back in KL to make my way back to Singapore the next day, missing the serene grove of trees with the birds chirping. Life can be so peaceful as nature would provide and yet suffering and death is also part of nature, our life on earth. I am grateful there is a God who has shown his tender mercies for mankind"

Some pics of her life as a pioneer member of the Church in Kuala Lumpur :

This pic turns the clock back to the year 1994 in the month of August in an exploratory trip to consider opening up the Church in Malacca. On this table alone we have two other members called home early too at this point of writing, first Gary Orgill in red on 2nd April 2006 and later Geok Lee on the far left on 6th Nov 2012.

A Dec 2005 reunion dinner with the Forsyths (Steve and Marilyn), formerly in the branch, in our Ukay Heights home with other pioneer members of KL branch

Lillian seen in the center of our KL branch choir in the month of December 2005 in the KL meeting house

Messages of condolences that came via the Facebook for Lillian after announcement of her passing by her Sister Susan Seet can be read below :

  • Thursday
  • Susan Seet

    Remember the flowers that were blooming profusely some time ago? You can see from the first picture they're about all gone except for a little one on the far right which you can see in the second picture. Lillian once told me when she was enjoying those flowers outside her window, that she hoped that when those flowers withered, she would also go with them. Her wish was granted this morning. She is now enjoying flowers far more beautiful than whatever I could offer her outside her window. Thank you all for your prayers, support, kindness and love throughout this time. On behalf of my sister, thank you for all your love and friendship to her. Thanks for everything.
  • Christine Shum

    My condolence sister seet. I believe and I know Sister Lillian is in a better place. God will be with her
    You take care.
  • John Milligan

    How grateful I am that I KNOW Lillian Lim! She has affected my life more profoundly than almost anyone I know. Thank you Lillian for your example of fearless goodness. Though you are now watching over us and we know you are not far we miss you but are ever so grateful for you. I will continue to pray for you Lillian. The flowers planted by lillian are still on the earth and just like a patch of lilies will continue to grow from year to year. The way I see it is when somebody lives a life by eternal rules the effect of their actions will remain for eternity. Susan many flowers bloom again and again and so it is with lillian. May the spirit lift you up and may our memory of lillian inspire us all to be better than we are. I am sad dissapointed and grateful all at once. Take care Seet family, I hope to visit where ever Lillian is laid to rest one day. -John p.s I am crying with you.
  • Graham Doxey

    Our condolences and best wishes for you and your family at this difficult time of separation. Reunion will be sweet and something to look forward to and work towards in faith.
  • Cathy Lee

    Susan, our deepest condolences to you and family. You have been a wonderful sister who have given your most loving, tender care to Lillian during these last few months. You and your family will be greatly blessed for your selfless service and now Lillian is smiling from up high. We will miss her a lot but we're relieved that she's now free from this mortal pain and suffering and she has earned her eternal reward. We love you Lillian and May God Be With You Till We Meet Again.........
  • Demas B. Griffin

    Our condolences to your family and we will pray for your comfort in to your feeling and May the Holy Spirit be always guide you and your family member.

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  • Eileen Callister Bradford

    Know that her spirit soared high to her Heavenly home..We need to be worthy of her. We love you Lillian. You are with Authur and family members.
  • Today
  • Reta Suckow Miller

    May The Lord comfort your hearts at this time of parting. My condolences to you and the rest of your family. I'm so thankful that I was given the privilege of rubbing shoulders with Lillian. She touched my heart with her loving service and wisdom! Her gift and examples of charity will remain with me forever!
  • Liew Hui Lian

    Glad that her suffering is over. Our condolences to your family. I miss her already, but she is in a better place now. Thank you for all the updates. Love you all!
  • Brandon Pendell

    I love all my big sisters, but now one has left. I love you Susan, I love Lillian. I will have to wait to hug her again. But that day will be here soon as well. The thing about family is they love you despite your faults. Lillian always found it in her heart to love and forgive me even when I deserved it the least. The world is worse for this loss, but Lillian is preparing the way for us. Let's not let her down.
  • Linda Pond Smith

    Susan, Michael and Claire,
    We love you and wish we could give you all a big hug right now. We are so blessed to count you and Lillian as wonderful friends from our special time in Malaysia. The Church in Malaysia is blessed to have your family as part of its membership. May the Lord continue to shower His blessings on you as put her to rest. Love , Kent and Linda Smith

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  • Today
  • Sally Walker Rhee

    Susan, sending you big hugs. I know you have been on a roller coaster of emotions for weeks and have been so strong. Thank you for sharing the trials...I admire the physical, emotional and spiritual strength you've shown. You are a woman of Christ and an example to all. Love to your whole family in the days and weeks to come. Xoxo
  • Erin Snow Weist

    It has been an emotional few days just following the comments on here and the events of the end of Lillian's life on earth. Our prayers are with you, Susan, and all of your family. Thank you for sharing this precious, private time with us. Much love from the Weist family.
  • Leni S. Olsen

    Susa , Micheal and Claire and all your whole family! our prayers and love to all of you! You are are a part of may husnbnd(mark Olsen) life and me . May the Good Lord will be with you and comfort you! we love you and wish, wish we could be there for you!
    We will miss our sweet Lillian but we know that she is a better place , resting in Peace with our loving Heavenly Father! we love her so and so grateful for the time we spent togetrher! Our Deep and heartfelt condolences to lillian Lims family!
  • Jenny Moser

    My deepest condolences to your family. I am grateful to have known Lillian in my life. I am also glad that her suffering is over and now she is reunited with her loved ones on the other side. I look forward to see her again someday when I leave this mortal life. May your family be comforted and God be with all of you till we meet again. Love, Jenny
  • Scott Sanders

    Tobi and I send our love and condolences to you at the passing of one of Heavenly Father's sweetest and most valiant spirits. We will remember her in our hearts throughout our lives. She was a gift to us all.
  • Today
  • Rosy Cragun

    Hi Susan,
    I'm sorry for your lost. Michael was her home teachers for a while and I remember those visit. You and your family, Claire are her pride and joy. I have never met Claire but the story she painted for me seems like I knew her for a long long time. We will miss her but she is not in pain anymore. She is so lucky to have you as a sister. We love you. Are you having a funeral service for her?
  • Hellen Molinie

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. I am so grateful to knew her and your family. She will helping the others to know about the gospel because she ever told me she want to serve a mission. I love her and your family. I know you guys will meet again.
    Love and hug, sister Hellen Rinet
  • Joseph N Anita Skipps

    Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you and the family. Lillian is such a choice and valiant person. Truly an inspiration to all "Til meet again" with love Joseph and Anita
  • Eileen Callister Bradford

    Please know of our sincere condolences in the passing of dear, sweet Lillian. From the entire Bradford family.
  • Dinah Pendell

    We all mourn for our beloved sister Lillian today who had gone to the other side where she fine peace and no pain. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ we know will we see her again. May peace be with you Susan and your family. We love you and your family and Lillian. What a great example you have shown to all of us. With love Dinah Pendell
  • Today
  • Susan Seet

    The last flower on my vine was laid to rest today.
    There seems to be an empty space where she once was.
    O how I would miss her beauty and her fragrance.
    Seasons come and seasons go.
    I know I will yet see her bloom again.
    In all her glory and luster she will reveal herself.
    But for now, I love and miss my flower, my sister, my friend.
  • Today
  • Sun Fu Chong

    Managed to find the photo of a camera shy, humble private person who is a close friend of my wife, who also died from cancer yesterday. Her funeral is on this hour today in KL and I guess it is a loss to all of us and a gain for my wife who will get to see her again! Deepest Condolences to her family from the Chongs in US, UK and Spore except KL today!
  • Weston L Hall

    Susan, Michael, and Claire I am sorry to hear this news. Lillian was a special person; a true inspiration to those who knew her and a true Pioneer of the gospel there as a witness to the growth of the church and as a disciple of Christ! She is happy and at peace now. The best part about the Gospel of Christ is our knowledge that one day we will have a happy reunion with those we love. Until then we will miss her! Sending much love and good wishes!

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