Like a Twinkle of an Eye they Grow Up!

It's the mid year birthday season for the family with Fei on June 14 and Ern on June 16. Like a twinkle of an eye, they grow up so quickly

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This was filmed in 1985 at Church in Petaling Jaya shared on Fei's facebook page on her birthday...

.... and this update of 2010 was filmed on her wedding day of May 29 at the Logan LDS temple in Utah

Fei has grown up to become quite a star herself. She is a joy to have in the family and in reunions, she entertains everyone with her board games. We wish her continued Happiness and Joy on her birthday celebrated where she lives today in the city of Los Angeles with her husband Christopher.

On this day, it would take an effort to get everyone in the family to be online at the same time to celebrate her birthday with her! Fortunately, since her marriage, we have left her to be in the good hands of her hubby to celebrate her birthday with her. Meanwhile Mom is on Hainan island, her ancestral homeland, continuing her never-ending birthday celebration since April to be with Su and Jay visiting from Utah and on their way to Singapore. Dad is in Kuala Lumpur minding the youngest Ray on school holidays and preparing Han the oldest boy who is leaving for his mission in UK soon in less than 2 weeks. Shuan is on his college trip in San Francisco California and Ern is left a lone boy in Singapore preparing for his O Level exams this year. Like the stars of the universe, the children grow up and seem to be spread out throughout the global map.

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This was filmed in Oct 1995 at home in KL shared on Ern's facebook page on his birthday. He is enjoying music from his sister Fei on the piano...

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... and this update of 2010 shows he is now a big boy at 15 years of age with a big dog.

The three of us, Dad, Han and Ray went down to Johore Bahru from KL on Saturday June 16 to meet up with Ern to celebrate his birthday. A live video was planned for our celebration at the City Square in JB to be posted on our family website but because the restaurant Ern chose was in the basement of the shopping center, there was no broadband transmission to do so. The following video was shot instead :

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