Peaks of my life in March 2012

At the start of the year 2012, though it is deemed to be a year of doom by some, I had anticipated an exciting year ahead with Body, Mind and Spirit experiences as per my forecast in an earlier post here. However, I didn't anticipate that so much would happen so quickly!

If my life today can be charted on a simple graph with a line along the X-axis representing time and the Y-axis representing the height of my excitement in life, it will look something like the above. Notice the several peaks occurring in the month of March that ends on this day. I am compelled to note them down in this post by sharing the following highlights or peaks of my life in March 2012!

In addition to my regular mountain bike riding activities, I found myself scaling or hiking up to hilltops in the close vicinity of the city whenever I have time in Malaysia.

It is an exhilarating experience of getting your heart pumping hiking uphill and enjoying the view at the peak, in this case Broca Hill, south-east of Kuala Lumpur.

More exhilarating is to have a son join you to hike to the peak, in this instance, was the peak of Gunung Datuk in the state of Negri Sembilan.

If you can't get friends or family to come along, it's always nice to have Man's best friend to join you. With a trusted dog, you can even do it in the night time!

Postdated development: Space Time travel to 14 Jan 2018 (Chinese Almanac Year of the Dog starts  in the Chinese New Year 16 Feb 2018)

As a chronicler and in the process of finishing my 1st writing book project at the start of 2018 with a strong theme on Human Consciousness and the title,"From Abacus to the Cloud", I'm amazed to record down little miracles in my life or associations that I see as miracles. This introduces the "Space Time Travel" theme to my book, more and more additions as I go deeper into my own Consciousness to complete the book. Allow me to elaborate.

On 14 Jan 2018 yesterday, I brought Ern to meet our Uncle Tony at the KL Marriott hotel who is in one of his regular yearly visits to Malaysia:

How this post of time travel started is because when we returned home, I began to work on my Consciousness theme of my book to be alerted with a WhatsApp message of my phone of a death of a Johannian of my old school while trekking in our local Gunung Nuang in Negri Sembilan.

Now my Consciousness in years of writing journals, filing photos/videos and sharing them in blogs and later integrating with Facebook made me recall that I have heard of that Mount Nuang and remembered years ago that Ray, our youngest in the family, was in KL to participate in a youth hike and camp in a local hill. I remembered that I took a lot of photos and wrote captions too but that was some years ago. I wanted to find them to know if it was the same hill as the name "Nuang" as is in my Consciousness but I cannot remember exactly if that was the place we trekked and camped!

I came to this post remembering that I had a photo of Ray and I on top of Gunung Datuk with the photo shot seen above. But this was not Gunung Nuang so I tried to find photos of a trip that my memory somehow remembered the name and possibly was the 2nd hike my son and I did so I tried to find a blog post of that hike but couldn't. Ah if I understood My Consciousness well enough I know I can find it and I did. It involved Space Time analysis. For Space, where did I store those photos? I first checked my blogs to remember a photo of being at the peak of the hill we climbed would be here to find this post and the name of Gunung Datuk was confirmed. I could find this post as the word 'peak' was the title which helped me remember that the hilltop photo would be here.  I had only found this space where the Gunung Datuk hike photo of the peak was kept here on this post as well as the link to it found above on this blog post.

Where were the photos of the other hill we climbed as I wanted to confirm we did climb it, this being a test of my efficiency of my database of photos and events of my life, being part of my consciousness support system enabled by computing technology to augment my mind with quick search or verification of information. In order to search for the space, I had to use the time dimension to search as I recall the 2nd trip was after the Gunung Datuk trip and 2 of my sons were there as I recalled. The memory was more distinct as Ray fell sick on this trip and I had to take him home to recover and letting my older son Han to continue the journey and return to pick him up the next day.

Searching any post in blogger using time is easy as all blogs have a time stamp and are listed in chronological order. I did run through them but realized I did not create a blogpost for the 2nd trip. The next alternative would be to scan for the primary folder where all photos are stored when transferred from the SD card of the digital camera to the harddisk storage space. I have these folders with pics that date back from the year 2005 to the current year of 2018 to search from. Knowing the hike was in the year 2012 and had to be before the time when Han went off for his mission in June 2012, my search scope was narrowed down between April 2012 to June 2010 as June is when Han had to start his mission as per my writing below his mission call photo below. With patience and confidence, I soon found the folder dated 30 May 2012 and here are some pics from it of the Gunung Nuang hike :

At the start of the trail, Ray was not looking good already from this photo with Han behind him.

The tough part of this hike compared to the previous Gunung Datuk is that the camp site is not close to the carpark when one enters the start of the trail. Everyone therefore had to unload all our bags and gear from the car and carry the load for a distance of almost 6km before we can set up camp and rest for the night.
It was an uphill hike all the way and about 4 hours later from the starting point, the group only reached the half way point to the campsite at about 2pm !

Ray was by then already tired and sick. A decision was for the group to continue on with Han following them and I would walk back down with Ray to the starting point to drive our car home. I would coordinate with Han on cell phone to know the approximate time they can return back to the starting point for me to pick him home. 

When he got back and was with me in the car, he related how treacherous it was up at the campsite as it started raining and everything and everyone was wet and cold. I cannot comment with more details as I wasn't there and I'm not sure how many continued to get to the peak! Here is a 3rd party site for Gunung Nuang

SpaceTime-Travel from January 2018 to March 2018
24 Mar 2018 
Hike to Chiling Waterfalls

It is a strange coincidence that in this 1st quarter of the year 2018 in the month of March, I'm blessed to enjoy another peak of my life that was unexpected. I wasn't aware of this trip as I'm not involved with the Young Single Adults group of the Church as my calling since returning to Kuala Lumpur to be my base home was only to serve as a BML or branch mission leader. I received a phone call just a couple of days earlier for help in providing another car for the group and to provide media coverage of the event. Strangely since the previous year of 2017, I was asked informally without an official call to assist the Singapore Mission Presidency and the Malaysian District also, to help in keeping up the current history of activities in our Kuala Lumpur West Malaysia District, working with the couple missionaries from the Church Public Affairs office, especially when there is a gap when a couple leaves and another comes to take their place. 

Besides doing my part to assist in the cause of these Young Single Adults, I did enjoy time talking to and getting to know more members outside my already very large circle of friends whether online or offline. I guess I knew the internet and social media technology can be used for good and even before Church officially chooses to use the technology officially, I had already been inspired to do many things before I am commanded or advised by Church authorities to learn and use them.  

I knew after being baptized and received the promise of the Holy Ghost, believing that my background of Science could tell me with the Spirit that when Man landed on the Moon, what they discovered would be less than what Man would discover, if he was called to be a prophet tutored by God and his Heavenly Angels, even a young boy like Joseph Smith who was only 14 when he received his first Vision! 

From my dual majors of my University program in commerce like learning the art accounting/ law with my other major of science of computers, I didn't realize then as I do today that I had acquired Boolean logic as well as Fuzzy logic for my future career! I further had a booster of Fuzzz logic when I was called to be a full time missionary to serve after my graduation. While I may have in the past helped the Church in "Marketing" as a missionary, I was later called to help in "Administrative" responsibilities to be the director of the Church corporation dealing with company secretaries and the government Ministry of Trade because the Church was incorporated as a religious entity under the Company's Act. I am grateful my education was proven useful so that today in my semi-retired age, I can use more fuzzy logic from my art and science background to produce the videos and photos of the Church young single activities of last weekend found in this Photo Album.

Since I mentioned the term fuzzy logic, if you want to know how I can obtain this wavelength of logic in my simple ordinary Malaysian brain of mine, go read this blogpost I authored that covers some 'out of this world' experiences and some that happened 'in this world' too of course!

Back to the Past or continue the spacetime experiences recorded in the year 2012 below:

Besides natural hills or mountains, there are man made towers too that one could get a Peak experience like the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur city. The visual experience can be viewed in this photo album where the photos were taken on 16 Mar 2012

One doesn't need to physically climb to get to the top as there are high speed elevators to bring you to the top in a matter of minutes!

To enjoy a first class buffet dinner with close friends from overseas and having a panoramic 360 degree view of the city is truly an unforgettable experience. This is a joyful Father and Daughter overseas outing for Tony Seow and his daughter Naomi from the US. Tony has become our 'Uncle Tony' in our family from his regular business trips to Asia where he got to see our children when they were little till our two daughters were married in his home state of Utah as seen in this latest wedding photo album.

Another old friend from the US, Govind, was also in town to join us for a hike up Melawati Hill or Bukit Tabur on the very next morning at 6am of 17 Mar 2012, after the sumptuous dinner we had at the KL Tower.

It's so nice to share what Malaysia has to offer in nature with our foreign friends.

After all the countries I had the privilege to travel to and the beautiful sights in the cities or up in mountain tops I had enjoyed, I have come to realize that nothing beats the peak experience that comes from human interaction with friends and family members in my life. They could happen just in the four walls of a home.

A new life joined us in the world with the birth of a healthy baby girl named Aliya Estelle Grant on 15th March 2012 when Ray and I were still in KL. We went to visit the baby at the home of her parents, Chelsea and Dixon Grant, after Ray and I had returned to Singapore on 18 Mar 2012. When I saw Mumsie Bush, the mother of Chelsea, who came all the way from Logan Utah, I was almost in tears as a peak experience in her home during the wedding of Fei came to my mind!

Here is a pic of us in her home in May 2010 when she hosted us by offering her home to be used as the Bride's home for Fei's wedding. All the fun and laughter we had in that unforgettable peak experience, at the top of the Rocky mountains, was recorded in a journal post here.

Another thing that one experiences as you get older is that there is a double peak of happiness when we witness the younger generation reaching peaks of success and happiness in their own lives. I wrote a post on this entitled The Next Generation in my spiritual journal.

Seen here is the family celebrating the peaks of the lives of our two older boys seated infront, Han on the right and his brother Shuan. Only the 4 boys are with us now and so the two older boys are getting all the limelight with the peaks of their achievements.

Here is an opportunity to hear the sound of a peaking moment when Han opened his mission letter on a Tuesday night of 27 March in 2012 in Singapore, witnessed by family members and friends, to know where he would be sent for his 2 year voluntary mission for his Church. Watch and listen to the short video clip below :

Click the image below to start the facebook video

Things couldn't be more perfect for Han. He had earlier received notice that he has been accepted into the new Yale-NUS college in Singapore for the 2nd intake starting Aug 2014.  His Church mission starts on 7 June 2012 as per the video clip, so he nicely finishes after 2 years to return home with a short break before going to college to further his education. These latest accomplishments would be added in his family profile page. (Han subsequently received notification that his mission would start later on 28 June 2012. The blog post covering his departure day to the UK is found here. News of his acceptance to Yale-NUS with his photo appeared in The Straits Times paper later.)

He received lots of cheers of encouragement for his mission on his Facebook page after his announcement of his mission call as extracted below :

‎"Dear Elder Chong:

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the ENGLAND MANCHESTER MISSION. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months.

You should report to the England Missionary Training Center on THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2012. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the MANDARIN CHINESE LANGUAGE."
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Ashley Siow Preaching in chinese in england???
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Irfan Rais It's a lovely place, very red and everything. Check out this shop called Hobgoblin's if you have the time, it was a playground to me!
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Sun Fu Chong See how your Mom is more excited than you!

Opening of Han's Mission Letter
The moment has come for Han to find out where he will be sent on his mission. Al...
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P.S.  (This blog is posted on 31st March 2012 which happens to be the day of a worldwide event known as Earth Hour starting at 8.30pm - 9.30pm local time, which is less than an hour from now, before we turn off all our lights.)

Post Development events: Elder Chong's first-year experience on his mission is found here.

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