1 March 2012, Day of Awards for Woon Han, Shuan and others

For the 126th Founder's Day Thanksgiving service of Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), 3 Academic prizes were awarded to Woon Han as follows :

1. The Teoh Siew Kim Book Prize for Geography
2. OBA Silver Medal
3. Scholastic Merit Award (GCE 'A' Level - 7 Distinctions)

Seen here is Woon Han receiving the 3 awards on stage :

The following photos depict the spirit of the event especially when everyone began to sing in the next video below. I especially zoomed in on the logo of ACS with the words "THE BEST IS YET TO BE"

I love the lyrics in the Chorus :
'How great is our God! Sing with me
How great is our God! That all may see
How great , how great is our God'

After all the prizes were awarded, the winners and parents proceeded to the reception area for refreshments

It was nice to meet up with the Principal, Mrs Kelvyna Chan, whom we had met the first time in Sep 2010 when Han also received 3 awards, but of a non-academic nature, in the ACJC Honours Night.
We also got to take a photo with the Vice-Principal, Mr De Souza
Here is Han's favorite Economics teacher who has since been transferred from a teaching post to work at the HQ in the Ministry of Education (MOE)

It was nice to meet other teachers that had helped Han obtain distinctions in the subjects they taught such as Chinese by the lady on the left and Music by the lady on the right next to Mom.

Here is Nguyen Tuan Anh from Vietnam where Mom was his parent mentor when he was a student in ACJC.  He was also an award prize winner today.
Another prize winner is Andrew Arjun Sayampanathan on the left with his father. Andrew, Tuan Anh and another friend Law Zhe Wen who also won a prize (not captured on camera today) are close friends with Han who were last seen together with the family on Han's 21st birthday dinner.

There reception area had a nice view of the sports field of the Junior College. I enjoyed the view as well as some precious time in which I had a chance for a one-to-one chat with the Guest-of-Honour, Bishop Dr Robert Solomon of The Methodist Church in Singapore. He was very well aware of our Church and buildings being in 253 Bukit Timah road and the new chapel in Sengkang/Compassville.

The event this day would add Han's accomplishment to the family post that has been recording the boys' academic performance since they came to Singapore in 2007. It includes Han's younger brother Shuan's academic performance.

Shuan holding the Nobel Prize with Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshal

Woon Shuan who recently went to Perth Australia as a prize in a competition that he won is leaving next Monday to Philippines as he was selected by his college to go there and to California USA later in June due to his consistent top academic results. Latest college results that came out in the first quarter of 2012 showed he scored a perfect GPA of 4.0! Post dated photos of his 2 week trip to Philippines is found in his facebook albums starting with day 1 here. Below is the photo he took with the Mayor of Libon where his team from Singapore was assigned to render help in the community.

The two older boys are certainly setting a challenging pace for the two younger ones to catch up!

On the same day in the evening at home, the 3rd oldest boy Woon Ern came home at dinner time. He had a sports day event in St John's Institution(SJI) that we couldn't attend due to Han's Founder's Day event being held in the same morning. He was happy to announce that he too had won a prize :

This was for a track and field event of the 4x100m relay race

He had won a 1st place gold medal

As for the youngest Ray, he happened to try on a coat that he wore in May 2010...

.... which was for Fei's, his oldest sister's, wedding as seen in the photo above. This proves that he is catching up fast with his older brothers, at least in body size as the coat fitted him much better then!

How about Mom and Dad?  As for Mom, she doesn't have to prove anything more as giving birth to and raising 6 children itself makes gives her the biggest trophy of life besides others she won along the way.

Well as for Dad, he has learnt to be a Singapore Kiasu king so he walked into the Toastmasters club near home on this same week to receive this.

Post-dated Event : Han had received confirmation that his application to the Yale-NUS university in Singapore has been accepted. Refer to this journal post that covers his mission call with links to his acceptance to the university.

27th Mar : With Shuan scoring 4.0 in his GPA college results and the latest news of Han being accepted to Yale-NUS university, it called for a family celebration as the following photos and video depict :

Everyone had a sumptuous meal at Swensens in Singapore

Then we had to choose our ice cream dessert

Here comes the dessert :

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