Woon Shuan turns 18 with a joint-birthday celebration

When Shuan celebrated his 17th birthday last year, Dad's reflection was that since he was not the first-born or oldest son or youngest in the family, he was often over-shadowed by the others who were either the oldest child or oldest boy or youngest child. How quickly a year had gone by and within that year, maybe he decided to change his status of being overshadowed by other family members. He did this by first winning a scholarship from his College prior to entering the College and at the end of the first semester emerged with a perfect 4.0 GPA by scoring all As in all the 5 subjects he had undertaken! He cuts the cake jointly with his cousin Ying Er on the left and a mutual friend Marie in the Center The family members of the three Nov babies stood behind them to take a memorable group photo together after singing the birthday song for them :

Dad had to head back to KL before Monday for business and the two younger boys on holidays could follow. Han is preparing for his A levels exam in a week's time while Shuan still had classes at his college with a different holiday schedule from the schools. Mom took the older boys out on Monday Nov 8th for a treat as that was Shuan's actual birthday. Here are pics from Mom :

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