To our Lady Diana of Ipoh

Dear Diana,

I'm touched each time I get a hand written letter or card from you year after year especially on my birthday and the birthdays of members of our family that you somehow remember.

You are so thoughtful and so many memories rush through my mind now from the day we first met in PJ in the home of your cousin brother. It is through you that I got to know your wonderful family back in Ipoh, headed by Papa and Mama Toh whom the whole church warmly refers to, which led to a humble and wonderful missionary experience for me in Ipoh as recorded here

When I got married with Geok Lee and later had our first baby Fei, you cared for both mother and baby in her first month after birth as recorded in our journal scanned in the below pic.

In fact you were there to help us for every one of our 6 children which makes you so special to our family. In our 20th Anniversary celebration, we expressed gratitude to all who have touched our lives and you are one of them as noted here.

You've been the Auntie Diana of the family all this while but today we specially revere you and announce to the whole world, through Facebook, that you are our Lady Diana of Ipoh! You are nobly noted for your BIG HEART and CONSTANT LOVE regularly expressed to us by personally hand written letters and to many others too, near and far, that I'm aware of. Thank you so much for just being you!
With Lots of Love,
From Sun Fu, Geok Lee and the Gang!

Postdated photos:

28 July 2020
After 5 months of COVID-19 full lockdown in Malaysia

Taken at home in Ipoh

31 Jul 2021
Happy Birthday to our Lady Diana who turned 67th

Diana was part of the great story of the beginnings of the Church in Ipoh in the early 80s recorded here.


Han 文翰 said...

Yes, I will always remember Auntie Diana too!

Thanks for all your letters during for our birthdays each year =) They are very warm and sweet and always bring back fond memories =)

Fei said...

Auntie Diana, you are so special to me. You've been with us every step of the way. Thank you so much for everything!

We love you.

Singapore Girl said...

Hi Diana,

Thank you for remembering us through all these many many years. May you continue to enjoy the Lord's special blessings.

We love you and miss you!