In Memory of Terry Moe Bing Tah

The news of the death of Terry or Bing Tah, as we know him at school, in Hong Kong where he resides with his family, got to Malaysian friends who were in contact with his family. His wife, son, and daughter arranged the date of 24 July 2010 to have a memorial service in a temple in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. This was assisted by an old schoolboy we know named Lambert mentioned in the video below.

The following are some photos and a video from that memorial service:

More photos of his memorial service held at Brickfields can be found here.

We remember Bing Tah as a sportsman in St John's and also always a positive and cheerful friend fellow Johannian:

He was into Soccer

Into Karate where I was also


In Form 3/4 with Bro. Augustine. I was in Form 3/2, En. Sheik Mohd.'s class.

In Form 2/2 with Mrs. Cherry Tong while I was in Form 2/4 in Bro. Augustine's class

In Form 1/2, Mrs.Yoong Yan Ping's class, where Bing Tah and Baldev Singh are marked by the arrows who were known to be the two who passed away earlier than many of our other friends. Baldev passed away earlier after he was married in the 80s. Apparently, he died while trying to save his daughter riding a bicycle from being hit by a truck but lost his own life instead. We have such valiant souls with the Spirit of the Eagle!

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