Dad's reflections on Woon Shuan's Birthday

Happy 17th Birthday Woon Shuan!

The account of Woon Shuan's birth has already been journalized at his blog . Interesting that the blog was first created on Nov 7, 2007 that noted he weighed 7lbs at birth. (See the Story of 7 ) Unfortunately has not continued to maintain the blog and this is reflective of the personality of Shuan that I will continue to journalize as I share my thoughts of his life on his birthday.

If you have read his blog about his birth, you would agree that is birth story would overshadow the stories of many others. However because he was not the first to be born nor the first son to be born or the youngest in our family, he grew up as the 4th child in our large family to be overshadowed by other sibblings. Nevertheless, Shuan as we call him and not Shaun, has shown himself to be one who progresses on a steady pace, keeping up with all the rest as the following pics show :

With his own unique situations in the following pics :


Dad the KL city kid said...

Hope you don't eat too much cake on this birthday Shuanie!

Shuan said...

Well, I did finish the cake... just over the week! One slice a day =)

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hahaha! Just the way you have always done it right? Slow and Steady!