Ray celebrates his 11th Birthday!

Ray celebrated his birthday on a day typical of life, one filled with happiness and another of sadness.
Just after Church on Sunday at noon time, a new convert was getting ready to be baptized into the ward, symbolic of being born again to a new life.
We heard that another church member of the ward, stricken with cancer of the liver for some time, was now in a critical situation at the hospital and we went to visit him.
In the evening, it was time to celebrate Ray's birthday with a special dinner plus cutting the birthday cake. He was as usual anxious to open his presents and just as he was about to open Dad's presents to him, I related the significance of the presents to my advice to him about life.
1) One was that he should always be organized in life.
2) The second was that he should follow his north star.
3) The last was that he was to be the one to label his own life and not worry about the label that others might give to him.
Can you relate his presents below to the advice given above?
That's the end of the object lesson given by Dad to Ray through his birthday presents.
Some food for thought as he prepares to move on with his life for another year till his next birthday!

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