A short Kuantan holiday in March for Ern and Ray

The school holidays in Sinapore was just a week and the older boys were too busy with band practices and other extra-curricular activities so only Ern and Ray could make it to Kuantan.

Ern on arrival immediately goes to find his best friend Rex in Kuantan who is over-joyed to meet his old friend again and felt comfortable to share his play pen.

Soon the two boys began having fun with Rex chasing them round the block.

One can't help noticing the smile in their faces as they feel and touch the sand and water in the natural beach of the East Coast compared to man-made beaches in Singapore.

Ray quickly begins to build his sand castle which actually remained till the next morning.

As for Dad, he and his friend took the challenge to launch the boat to the open sea but the waves of the South China Sea were just too strong and they gave up!

Dad's oldest brother and wife were visiting Kuantan too and everyone enjoyed a nice sea food dinner hosted by Dad's 3rd brother seated second from the left.

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