Democracy and the Check and Balance system

Over the weekend the country held its General Elections on 8th March 2008. I went to the voting center as I usually do and casted my vote with some thoughts in my heart and mind. Anyone likes to guess who I voted for?

Internet and sms messages have been coming to me from many sources all about the negative points of the ruling government. I am also aware of many street protests that have been going on in the past months. Look at one that took place near my office on 11th Dec last year that I took a pic of :

  Many were concerned about the protests in the streets that have even gone to the news in CNN and Aljazeera. My first thoughts were that such protests occurring in the country is a healthy sign that democracy is alive in Malaysia and that the government needs such feedback from its people.
Meanwhile I was paying attention to the news of the election process taking place in the other countries of the world such as in the USA, Pakistan, Kosovo, Korea, Russia and African nations. The democratic system seems to be the choice of today for the people to choose their governments. Most countries are gravitating towards freedom and power to the citizens to choose their governments, a strong influence from the Americans perhaps but there is always a price to pay. What I'm keenly aware is that no government is perfect and mistakes can be made by anyone so there must be a check and balance system for governments and leaders to be accountable for their decisions and actions.
My heart and mind pondered about US policy in the Middle East and chanced across this must see Academy Award winning documentary film of the US involvement in Vietnam. Take a look at it and perhaps we can ask ourselves is the system of check and balance adequate in any democratic country or who checks the free governments of the world super powers? After watching, maybe you can figure out who I voted for! Be warned that the full video below is suitable only for adult viewers in some parts but the preview is fine for all :

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Irene said...

BN lost their 2/3 majority in the parliament, which is probably a good thing – to wake them up from complacency. Some of them up there probably think they’re invincible and refuse to listen to the rakyat closely… But they still get enough majority to form a government, which is also a good thing, because if everything changes so drastically our country might lost that political stability we’ve all been enjoying… Prayerfully, those who are elected now will really continue to have integrity in their hearts and do their best to serve the nation. Let’s all pray for wisdom for them, too.