Thursday, November 22, 2007

What the boys do in Malaysia when they leave Singapore for holidays?

Well in Singapore, they get plenty of resources to increase their IQ. Back home, they get a chance to enhance their EQ by reuniting with old friends they had left behind when they moved to Singapore

Starting from the oldest boy, Han with his old buddies from Tjun Jin High School

Wow, looks like son number 2 has a following of girls as well!!

Not forgetting the youngest, Ray, with his young old school mates in Chung Hwa

And here you see his anxious look to open the door of his friend's home, a church member friend, ready with the pistols for a shoot-out!

Besides IQ and EQ, their naturalist intelligence also gets a booster with an increase understanding of aspects of the natural world as they met their old doggie friends!

Good old Simba in downtown KL

Rex the German Shepherd, sheperding the boys in Kuantan to keep them in line by the roadside!

With Tiger, the 'punched up face' dog too at the Kuantan beach house!

They naturally acquire Spatial Intelligence when in Malaysia as they explore new sites in the country

It can be at a fishing village in Johore state

Or up in the air in the city of Kuala Lumpur

Even on the ground isn't too bad with miles of paths to cycle

Of course, increasing your Multiple Intelligence also requires eating well and they didn't miss out on this!

They not only 'see food' they liked...

..... but got to eat lots of it too and I'm not talking crabs to you ok?

Oh well! You can't avoid them coz they're everywhere right?

One can't help noticing the curiousity of the boys as they look, touch and feel their surroundings

Hey isn't that Simba junior you're playing with??

Something crawling in the jungle path?

Swallows in the air that build bird's nest is what the neighboring estate owner is attracting but their uncle is just growing Dragon fruit on his land!

Even the fish in the indoor pond gets their attention on their stomachs!

Ok... shopping for value for money goods doesn't count...

... nor playing TV games but overall, we're just glad they have a good time besides increasing all their other multiple intelligences while back in Malaysia

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