They came, They saw, They conquered

At the end of 2006, the boys started to apply for schools in Singapore. The first batch was the youngest pair. They had to sit for entrance exams to qualify to be accepted.

By January 2007, they all got places in local schools in Singapore but not without a struggle

The two older boys Han and Shuan had a tougher time in the secondary or middle school. They had to take one entrance exam after another in several schools as the competition was very high!

They finaly got into a very good school at Anglo Chinese School (ACS) at Barker Rd.

Well I think the schools that accepted the boys have no regret for they are multi-talented with music, sports and a good intellect too. Han the oldest boy performed outstandingly to become the top student in his entire form or level!

He was not only the top student in his level but also scored the highest for the subjects of English Language, Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics

For his success, he also received an envelope with a cheque of SG1,600 to his name!

The younger ones did well too as Woon Shuan won a scholarship award to enter Ngee Ann Polytechnic from his outstanding results in the Sec 4 final year exams at ACS

 ... and Woon Ern got a prize for being the first boy in his class! He eventually progressed to St Joseph Institution (SJI video ) for his secondary level, a La Sallian school similar to Dad's Alma Mater in Kuala Lumpur.

Yes, they are truly onward to success as the school logo promises!


Started work at JP Morgan in Singapore Aug 2018
Announcement of wedding plans in Dec 2019 for Aug 2020 but postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic

Han earned a profile page in the website found here. (For PC view only done before smart phones were invented)

Woon Shuan :
Wins Scholarship Award at Ngee Ann Polytech
Scores perfect GPA of 4.0 for max 5As in the first semester at Ngee Ann Polytech
Week of winning and iPod touch and another scholarship award
Wrote the essay that won himself a free trip to Perth in Western Australia
Consistent top academic results got him selected by his college to travel to Philippines and USA in 2012
Wins Scholarship Award at Ngee Ann Polytech for the third time
A Gold Medalist graduate from Ngee Ann Polytech with 4 prizes on Graduation Day 21 May 2013
Begins National Service in Aug 2013 and later selected for Officer Cadet School(OCS)
Called for a 2 year voluntary Church mission in London England starting 6 July 2016
Successful end of Mission on 25 June 2018
Partial scholarship studying Life Science at University of Singapore 

Shuan earned a profile page in the website found here. (For PC view only)

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