A double digit birthday celebration!

It's Ernie's 11th birthday today and since Fei's 22nd birthday was just a couple of days ago, we are having a joint celebration tonight, being a Friday night in KL. It is going to be an online celebration(Click here to see the last online celebration ) as all the boys are home, Su is in Provo Utah, Mom is in Singapore while Fei is in Beijing China!

22 11

The two have always been very close since their birthdays are only two days apart and we have noted their common attributes over the years.

22 11

For example, we note that they both love to open their mouths at an early age

22 11

Growing up, they love their birthday cakes

22 11 And they love beach activities!

22 11 Not forgetting that both have a common love of music and playing in the band.

22 11

We know they both love animals.....

22 11 ...as well as 'horsin' around whenever they can! Happy Birthday Fei and Ernie!

(Click here to see a slide show presentation of the above photos )

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