Arrival of Our First Bundle of Joy!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, announcing the birth of our first child, a girl, Chong Fei Min, born on 14 June, 1984, weighing 5 lb 8 oz.
Her birth ushered in a whole new career for both of us--fatherhood and motherhood. No amount of schooling or professional training could have prepared us for a career so demanding and rewarding at the same time. We believe that Fei was chosen to be our first born because she is the most resilient of the half dozen children we have. Her life is a living proof of our belief.
Being young and totally inexperience there were plenty of mistakes committed out of ignorance. But we think that our mistakes could never come close to the numerous things that we've done right! Just look at the pictures below and share the joy we feel bringing up one of God's daughters!
Look at how tiny she was!
Look how she's grown!
No words can describe the joy parents feel when they see their child's face lit up in a smile!
We love you Fei! And "Happy Birthday!"

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