Dedication to the Singapore Girl on her birthday

To my dearest Sweetheart and eternal companion,

The record on my journal dated Monday 4 April 1983 reads, " I made reservations for two at the Ship restaurant tonight to celebrate Geok Lee's 21st birthday. During the day, I had the florist deliver 21 roses to her. We spent a romantic evening together without any other friend with us and that was what Geok Lee wanted."

After many roses and romantic evenings together since then, I like to thank you for the unforgetable sweet memories of the past and wish that we can continue to fill these pages of the journal of our life together with more sweet ones!

I also like to dedicate this song to you in rememberance of our first date together. Click it and give it time to load as it is a big file. After that click here to read my account of that date together! Enjoy and continue to dream dreams that lead us to eternity together!

We got to do our family cake cutting celebration again...

....with Fei in Beijing and Su in Provo Utah on the internet live with us on video cam with sound to sing Happy Birthday to Mom!

Of course we could eat the real cake on our side...

...while Fei in the cyber world could only cry about it!

Then Ray decided to appease his sisters in front of the web cam...

Making them laugh like crazy with his funny faces!


Su Chong said...


祝您生日快乐, 岁岁平安!

Singapore Girl said...

I thought I would be the first to comment, but the phone kept ringing and I have so many phone calls to make too! Everyone is pouring out their love for me. There'll be some visitors this evening at home also.

My cup is full to over-flowing. Things just get better for me each year. Like I said, today is better than yesterday, I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

I love the song =)

Thank you for asking me out on that first date that changed our lives!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Geok Lee!!!

I wish I could be there to support you. One of attributes we can achieve is the unshakable optimism. It comes from knowing who we are - children of God. Your ordeal now gives you that opportunity no other could come close. Savor it and soar like the motorized kite Sun Fu bought.

I love you.

Beloved brother,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sister Chong.

Sorry to hear that you had to go through surgery. Hope you are feeling better.

Paul & Yasuko Oman

Anonymous said...

Hi, Geok Lee:

Just read about your medical condition this morning. Surely it's the hand of God who blessed you, and a supportive husband is a big plus to your fast recuperation. Will continue to pray for your good health.

Anonymous said...

Hi Momsy!

Happy belated birthday! Please excuse this belated greeting as now that I am a home maker. Well, you have been there before. As usual, I am always very busy 24/7!

My belated wishes for you will be having good health and eternal happiness with your family.

I am glad that you are already recovered or on the way to recovery. I know Heavenly Father is always looking after you.

As I am typing my greetings to you, and what a coincidence! On TV, there is this program called, "Beyond Tomorrow" and there is this new drug on human trial to combat breast cancer and poss, other types of cancer, too. I think it is called, "Arginine" and being tested in the University of Hong Kong. Chemo will only kill cancer and healthy cells. So, patients tend to have side effect. But this new drug will only starve the cancer cells, thus little side effect or none at all. Drug will be given thru intravenous drip. Hopefully, it could be helpful to someone who in need of hopes.

Well, Geok Lee my prayers for you and your family. Take care and be of good cheers.

Poh Yoke

Anonymous said...

Geok Lee,

Get well soon and have a happy birthday.

Cevin and Carol