How a young boy ushers in the month of December 2005

It was the end of November and Ray our eight year old was left home alone with his Dad. While I was busy working on the computer he started asking where the Christmas decorations were kept. Being preoccupied, I told him to ask the maid and soon he was opening up the boxes in the living room. Although I was busy, I couldn't help noticing his patience and determination to assemble the Christmas tree all on his own! He put on his Santa cap and got to work, insisting that I put on a Christmas CD for him which I did. Soon his mother came home with his older brothers and helped to put up the rest of the ornaments. The time sequenced photos follows :

Can you see how proud and happy he was with his accomplishment?
As December month approached, days went by quicker with greater anticipation. The boys' two older sisters, one now in Utah USA and the other in Beijing China have been planning to return home for Christmas. What a joy it would be to have the whole family together again for Christmas as it's been awhile since that happened. Unfortunately, the two older boys Han and Shuan has a school band trip to perform in Taiwan over the Christmas period! Nevermind, we thought, as the boys will be back before New Year's Eve and then we will truly have the whole family together again after all!
Soon the girls started arriving from afar as the photos below depict.

Su from a long flight starting from Salt Lake City airport

A few days later, Fei arrived from Beijing in a much shorter flight
Our Christmas Eve turkey dinner with Fei & Su home together with grandpa and our regular guest, the gym coaches of our children, the Yongs. The children are hidden in the back table.
Just before bed time, Ray made sure Santa had milk and cookies for his anticipated visit!

It's Christmas Day with presents left by Santa who finished the milk and cookies but where are the two older boys Han and Shuan? They are in Taiwan with the school band pictured below for some exchange performances there!!! We will have a full family reunion on New Year's eve.

With the two oldest boys away, the gap was soon filled with family from Singapore joining us for the year-end celebrations.

Post dated event : Click here to roll forward 6 years later in Nov 2011 to see the recollection of this event on Ying Er's 19th birthday, the children's cousin on the far left of the middle row, celebrated on 11.11.11.

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