Dear Friends and Family members visiting our page this December month

Thank you for visiting and we like to wish you the choicest blessings this Christmas Season brings and for the coming new year of 2006 too!

Our December month experience and thoughts are recorded in the following 2 blog posts below so we hope you will enjoy browsing through it. We look forward to your comments which you can add by clicking the "COMMENTS" link found below. Remember this small instruction to choose an identity by clicking 'Other' before you publish your comments as most of you are not a 'blogger with a display name'.

If you didn't get one yet and would like our annual family VCD update of photos, music, video and words, ask for one through the same "COMMENTS" link below ok?

With Love,

Sun Fu & Geok Lee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Anonymous said...

Hi Sun Fu:

Thanks for keeping me on your list. I love hearing about your family. We have submitted our papers for a mission. Maybe as a couple we'll be called to serve somewhere near your area. We'll let you know. Hope your Christmas has been wonderful and your New Year will be filled with love, prosperity and happiness.

Carol Walker

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!! Surround yourself with faith, love and thoughts for the abudance and good of life and see how they are wrap as gifts to you!

Roy & Priscilla