Sunday, October 02, 2005

Work, Travel and Church photos

First stop was to Reno, Nevada

Where I started work in the morning

And got busier in the afternoon

Working thru the nite with Chinese Dinner packed for me!

It's motivating working with nice people

and I exercise my body to keep a motivated mind

but The Singapore Girl prefers a censored version above ha haha!

Soon it's time to drive off to SFO airport with an overnighter with the Plenerts in Sacramento

To reach Salt Lake City to fill the mind with the Spirit in General Conference with a 22,000 crowd at the Convention Center

Having my daughter and her cousin Le Roy with me

Together with other student friends packed into our car for the Provo to Salt Lake City drive

More friends were met at a Singapore Mission Reunion on the Friday night before conference. Pictured above on the left is the former Mission President Bob Houghton and wife Linda with Mary and Effian Kadarusman, pioneer leaders of Indonesia

Their son Bill Kadarusman with wife Seiko and child Magume

There's Handi and Wendy Mulia family and John James with his family, a pioneer missionary in Indonesia in 1977 who speaks fluent Bahasa to this day!

Here is Sara Sakri (left) with Vara Hakim. Isn't it a small world that Vara(pronounced Fara) was staying with Chui Peng, Christopher Loke and Karen Toh up north in Ogden Utah?

Post-dated photos of other friends from Indonesia:

With Juswan Tandiman from Jakarta

With Wido and wife from Surabaya

I also got to know an American named Michael de Jager who lives in Indonesia today whose father is Jacob de Jager, a general authority of our Church I had met in Hongkong remembered here.

Continued with friends in the US:

Sunday morning was spent with the Ormonds in their traditional Conference breakfast followed by watching the conference live on television.

We enjoyed a Chinese meal on Sunday evening at the home of Julie and Ricard Ang in Provo!

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