A Father-Daughter Outing to the Desert

With a car and budget for fuel, food and some camping gear, Father and Daughter decided to spend a weekend driving 4 hours to south-east of Provo to see the desert country around Moab, Utah. The trip is indeed an experience of a life time and I was glad to capture some of its essence on video that can be viewed below. 

Isn't it an irony to find beauty out in the desert

We got our bearings at the info center of Arches National Park

We decided to take a 1.5mile(2.75km) hike up the trail to see the 'Delicate Arch'

Here it is, the most photographed Arch in the World

Of course Dad was clicking and video filming the entire magnificent experience

The reward for the long hike up to the top was sweet just like the nectarine!

On the way down, things looked bleak as it started to rain

But just like the journey of life, there is a beautiful rainbow after the storm!

With a father & daughter team work, we got camp set up with hot food to eat

After a good night's sleep, we ate breakfast and prepared to drive back to Provo

See more pics of the desert outing in the photo album

Su received lots of coaching on driving a manual car, like not to stay on the 3rd gear at 80 mph with a silent V6 engine. Luckily the spirit woke Dad up to realize what was happening!

We drove out of Canyon land and....

...out into the open dry desert country

This long video can give you a feel of what its like driving and hiking in this beautiful desert country.

Back to an oasis in Provo with Auntie Helen Ream's yummy Asian food

Enjoying the glorious food with the other Asian students who are mainly swimmers from Singapore and one female who is a tennis player from Taiwan

Post-dated event

20 Oct 2011 - Facebook message to Su Min with reference to the video clip above that was just included in this post :

Dear Su Min Chong, it took 2 days to upload online this near 1 hr video that reminds me of the memorable trip we made together to Moab in Utah in Oct 2005, our birthday month! The beautiful drive and music on the radio, the hiking adventure with precious time spent together, the spectacular landscape shaped by nature and the surprise rain in the desert that produced awesome rainbows were among the reasons I wanted to keep this unedited long video online. It's just one of those things I do in my life that keeps me happy and smiling always just by replaying the happy moments again.


Singapore Girl said...

The Arch is amazingly huge! So glad two of you could spend time together.

White Shores said...

I have enjoyed your blog very much. I think your family is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!


Su Chong said...

Thanks dad! I treasure these memories =)