Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Photos of Life in Malaysia after Indpendence

We managed to preserve our heritage

We are happy to be able to worship the way we like to worship

Keeping Chinatown intact all these years with a modern roof for shelter from the rain!

Preserving our food and culture which I'm happy to enjoy. The food in Bombay Palace in Provo Utah I tried last night isn't quite the same!

They kept my favorite wet market in Ampang town

On how fast we are progressing...."Now what is that building?" asked an American tourist? Tour guide replied, "Dunno...it wasn't there yesterday!!!"

Well this wasn't here when I was in my school in St John's Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur

But we're not a nation free from problems

And we know how to protect ourselves...

We learn to think on our feet and solve problems together

We solve problems by learning to communicate with one another in teams

We network well with people from all over the world

We build highways that cut through mountains across the nation!

Building bridges across waters

We've tried to keep our beaches clean and water clear despite of rapid progress

With monorails over the city skies to ease traffic congestion

We even built a totally new city called Putra Jaya with wider streets outside congested KL

We've developed a supportive environment with responsible people to speak for the people

With education given a top priority

Creating a generation of hi-tech kids

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