Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka! Malaysia's Independence Day commemorating 31st Aug 1957

Coincidentally on my last return trip from the US, I just missed the American July4th Independence day celebration as I was up in the air. I am in the US again about to return home after seeing that Su our daughter is settled down in the BYU on campus housing to continue her studies in the fall semester. Again I will be up in the air arriving only on 1st September which is a day too late after our Malaysian Independence day. So I'll make my contribution here before I take off!

Yes we became independent from the British and chose to rule ourselves on 31 Aug 1957. So how have we done? Well a picture paints a thousand words so lets make our own conclusions from the pics I'm posting below of life in Malaysia.

I just have one thought and that is we're all born as Dependents who strive to become Independent but the highest form of living I believe is to be Inter-Dependent.

Think Win Win!

Malaysia Boleh!!!

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Anonymous said...

A big hello to all Latter-day saints and my fellow Malaysians!

My family n I are currently living in Melbourne. Very soon, Malaysia will be celebrating her 48th years of independence. Even though, we are far, far away from Malaysia, but our heart n spirit are with Malaysia, our homeland. We feel sad that we are going to miss the joy of celebrating Merdeka Day with the rest of the Malaysians.
On this special day, we wish Malaysia, to be a nation where all races can live happily and peacefully together. Fair opportunities to cari makan n most of all, freedom to worship faith of our choices. Plus a temple for our Malaysian latter-day saints. Not forgetting, Malaysia to be a moderate Islamic and tolerant nation for her people of all faiths. Now in order to make our family better, we r going to plant a 5" Malaysian flag right on my front yard to show our patriotism to Malaysia. After all, Malaysia is our birthplace and kami cinta negara kami. Malaysia Boleh dan bila-bila pun boleh!

God bless Malaysia n our fellow Malaysians.

Best wishes
Poh Yoke, Elson and Wilbert