Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Weekend to Remember

As if having six children is not enough for me, last weekend, which was a long weekend, instead of enjoying my family, I "deserted" them and spent myself and my time at Church with over 25 young men and young women aged between 14-18 years.
The special annual event, Youth Conference, spanned 3 days and had taken the committee of approximately 10 people over 3 months to plan and prepare. Planning took time, patience and effort but carrying out the plan required determination, energy and stamina! I found myself busy with so many things during the conference that any extra effort to capture even one good picture was too strenuous. So if you're keen to look at some of those mediocre pictures, you're welcome to visit this new picture blog that I created for this purpose.
Some random things I learned:
* Girls with braces are camera shy.
* Birds of the same feathers flock together.
* You don't need great ideas to have fun, all you need is water.
* The place to pour iced water is inside your friend's shirt.
* The place to throw rubbish is anywhere but the rubbish bin.
* If G = Garbage, and f = food
Then G = 2f
(In simple English: Garbage produced is twice the amount of food served.)
* Cellphone should be banned throughout the next conference, if this wasn't the last one.
Some things that still worried me:
* I get sleepless nights before, during and AFTER the conference!!! Nuts!!
* I keep looking over my shoulder everywhere I go, just in case my prediction came true--someone is going to egg me or hit me with a water bottle!
In short, if I don't love God, then everything would seem a waste of time.
Fact is, I do love God. And it was worth it.


Faye said...

I think you mean F=2G, Mom.

Man, all that made me homesick. I absolutely loved the picture of Eli. Miss my old callings. *sigh*

Han said...

Guess what I learned?

You can turn from a donkey to a Noble Steed while climbing up the hill at FRIM Park if you walk with a Princess