Monday, May 23, 2005

Connectivity of Animals and Man, the Body and the Mind

The animal kingdom and nature has always been fascinating to me and it continues to be so with our family. We are first exposed to animals through the domesticated ones like rabbits, cats or dogs. I often make the statement that 'I grew up with the dogs' as I was the youngest of a family of seven, with a large gap to my older brother and sisters. I, therefore, found the dogs I grew up with to be my playmates and confidants. Furthermore in the Chinese Zodiac made up of animals, I happened to be born in the year of the dog.

Man can relate to animals in a number of ways. They can be our pets, or workhorses to help us in our farms for work or for transportation. Some beliefs suggest that Man can become reincarnated to become animals in their next life. I like to relate to animals in the sense of our common instincts to survive and certain recognizable behaviors of Man that can been regarded as animalistic. Somehow we share common natural instincts when it comes to survival. The Circle of Life has physical laws governing a harsh environment in which our body systems are equipped to handle. There is an automatic system designed that is self-preservative and hence prolong life itself. Most times it is reactive in nature ie our body system is created to quickly react to perceived danger and triggers off immediate responses that can be called fight or flight responses.

The commonality of the two species begins to diverge when Man begins to use his thinking ability to make his behavior become more superior than that of animals. Instead of reacting to situations of danger or need for survival, Man has a superior mind to change the environment itself through his ingenuity of reorganizing elements in the environment to finally change the nature of the situation itself. The instinct to fight can become harnessed by a higher thought process that suggest peaceful cooperation is a better way of life. The instinct to fight is changed to become a decision of thought. Man therefore can choose to make the fight a sport for entertainment instead of a natural reaction to survive after he has conquered the environment with his superior mind.

So therein lies the connectivity of the body and the mind. We need to understand therefore that having a physical body gives us animal instincts that cause us to be reactive to situations. If we feel threatened we will fight or run but if we take time to THINK or use our mental capabilities, we could decide another alternative like negotiating a settlement. Thinking helps us to rationalize our FEARS and gravitate towards our VALUES


multidimid said...

We can learn much more by observing the behavior of animals. It is very unfortunate and sad that the children are being taught only the various species existing in the animal kingdom.

They can identify them in the picture books; they might know what they eat and their natural habitat – in the jungle or forest. A final visit to the zoo is the ultimate goal for these children.

And after primary school, the individuals are left to their own observation and initiative to read up more on the animals. The educational authority should take the initiative to include study topics that humans can learn from the natural behavior of animals and not the caged ones

There are a host of topics we can learn from animals like their natural aggression and their sense of justice.

Animals have a sense of justice that you do not understand and built-in to that innocent sense of integrity there is a biological compassion, understood at the deepest cellular levels.
Compassion “rose” from the biological structure up to emotional reality.

With this freedom and free will man is faced with responsibility for action at conscious level and the birth of guilt.

For example, a cat playfully killing a mouse and eating it is NOT evil. It suffers no guilt. On biological levels, both animals understand the roles they play. This does not mean they will not struggle to live, but they have a built-in unconsciousness sense of unity with nature.

Man on a conscious level and with compassion achieved emotional realization.

The hunter is forced to emotionally identify with its prey. So to kill is to be killed. The balance of life sustains all. We are to preserve life consciously, then, as the animals preserve it Unconsciously.

Natural guilt is the species’ manifestation of the animals unconsciously sense of justice and integrity. It means: Thou shall not kill more than is need for thy physical sustenance.

YKW said...

I just noticed this on the side bar:

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Who's wife number two?

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hah! There ain't any! The description used was just a memory flashback of the old Charlie Chan movie when TV first came out where the father referred to his family members in that logical sequential order.

Dad the KL city kid said...

Oh in case multidimid may check and wonder why I haven't responded to his comments, I'm still pondering about it. Man, it's sooo deep!