Mother's Day with all the mothers in Klang Branch

Letter to the real Mom of our family:

Dear Mom,

Mother's Day finds all the family members busy around the world.

Fei and her husband Christopher are still the loving couple as we know them from Beijing to LA today with their cute pug named gadget. She is busy supporting a busy husband at the top of the computer games industry

Su and her husband Jay, the busy loving couple moved to the eastern US from Utah  as Jay attends Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for his masters program. Su is holding two jobs after being awarded the graduate student of the year at the Utah State University last year.

Han is super busy at Yale-NUS in Singapore with his Liberal Arts program, finishing the first year after his homecoming last June. He has been busy doing part time tutoring and continues to enjoy his singing musical talents.

Shuan is smart platoon commander at the Singapore Armed Forces Basic Military Training Centre (SAF BMTC), completing his 2 years compulsory National Service this June. He has submitted his papers to serve a mission for the Church.

Ern our rugby player toughie has been working on part time jobs in Singapore while waiting for his turn to be enlisted for National Service. He has received his enlistment letter enlisting on the 26th of May.

Ray our cool cat youngest is busy with his Poly media program and has been consistently practicing on his writing skills. He is often heard singing his beat box music when he showers. He will turn 18 this year and has grown to be the tallest of all the children, lamenting that he may be the kid left alone at home in Singapore as everyone engages life in different directions.

As for Dad, a.k.a. as Mr Mom, always working on larger than life projects, is relieved to have his super heroes of the next generation supporting him as he is close to embark on one of the greatest projects he has ever worked on, testing all his talents he has practiced on up to this current day involving the body, mind and spirit!

On Mother's day, I was personally touched to be impressed to visit the Klang branch of the Church that I've never visited before. It turned out to be a very spiritual experience as I didn't know they had shifted their fast Sunday to the 2nd Sunday of the month when I visited as I was also fasting on my own on that day with unplanned time to share my personal testimony of the gospel with the small branch of experienced members there. Here are the pics and videos taken for you as to my surprise, the small branch has many of the old and faithful members that we know, especially the mothers who remember you so well.  The following pics and videos capture the spirit I felt on this special day :

Starting with my old friends who had served together in the past district roles. I'm seen above calling for the mothers to join us.

Here are all the mothers that you know very well too in this cozy branch...

...with a pic of the next generation carrying the flag of faithful service!

Listen to the music the primary children sang that brings back years of memories of our own children growing up :

The older children even used their creative talents to make this video:

Here is our family's journey with you remembered on this Mother's Day :

With Love,

From all of us in

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