Mother's Day multimedia

The main reason for relating to raising successful children on Mother's day is solely due to the last post that overflowed in time to this day. It is therefore suggested that the last post should be read and videos watched to fully appreciate this continuing post by clicking here.

Due to the intense volume of text found in the previous post, this Mother's day post will be strictly graphical in photos and videos with minimum text as captions :

Could raising successful children today be like trying to find the right key to fit the lock?

This video certainly shows that the Mother of our family played the biggest role with the children's success

Some cue cards to remind us......

Some good advice for parents...

Now for some photos of our friends...

To see more Oldies of our friends on this Mother's day, click here.

Latest Mother's Day Video in remembrance of the mother of our family :

Mother's Day 2014 I Remember You from Dad the KL City Kid on Vimeo.

In case you've tried all the keys and they couldn't fit, don't forget to try this one by watching the video below:

Here is a touching video shared by Jonny Liu in Google+ that I picked up from as his favorite video :

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