Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Leroy Thong!

Flashback Memories of Leroy on his Birthday :

It is Leroy's Birthday on March 13th! Leroy is part of our family from Mom's side, being the only son of Mom's brother Roy. Whenever it's somebody's birthday, it seems appropriate to post flashback photos of the days of old when you were with the birthday person. So here goes.....

... back when I was starting my post graduate studies in BYU Provo in the month of August 2005....???

Ermmm... ok Let's do that again... back when Su was starting her undergraduate studies in BYU Provo in the month of August 2005..

Leroy and his father also came to town 

So it was nice to have Leroy joining us for conferences in Salt Lake City close by in the month of October of the same year.

Here are the two cousins together, Su and Leroy at the Conference Center, after a conference session was over, downtown in Salt Lake City.

October month happens to be Dad's and Su's joint birthday celebration month ...

... so we were glad to have young looking Leroy joining us for dinner with some friends.

Leroy is quite popular to be invited to dinner at the home of other families in Provo too, most of them being from Singapore as they are friends with his father Roy who was originally from Singapore too.

Time flies quickly and by the end of the year 2010, Leroy graduated. Fei and Su were able to be at his graduation ceremony. Since then as we know, he is based in Norway for work.

So we here is our most Memorable Birthday Wishes to Leroy from all of us literally from Heaven and Earth! 

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