November - Happy Birthday! Happy Deepavali! Selamat Awal Muharram!

Yessss! Strange that the clock passed mid-night and here I am still in Singapore, busy trying to catch up with my journals after some busy days of running around with the usual list of things to do that don't always get done on time before I return to Kuala Lumpur! Hahaha. First and foremost I like to wish everyone who celebrates his/her birthday in November, Happy Birthday! How about that for one trying to be efficient to shed off the title of being 'The Better-Late-than-Never Dad'?

On some big auspicious days like birthdays, anniversaries or special festive days, I would share some thoughts and on this day I'm still thinking all about "LINKS"! Yup, for example as I mentioned '..everyone who celebrates his/her birthday in November,' there is already a link being used where if you really want to know who is the everyone that I am aware of who celebrates his/her birthday in November, just click the link and you will know who! Now if you really don't want to know, just keep reading on and you should still be fine as you will still get the message of my post today except that you really won't know who I know that you may know who celebrates his/her birthday in November!

If the above two paragraphs sound familiar, it is because it is cut and pasted here from the previous month's blog post with just some minor modifications to suit this new month. The theme is pretty much the same as I'm still thinking about "LINKS" and using them in this post for reasons that you can find out by clicking this link that brings you to the previous month's post mentioned.

Ray our youngest in the family kicks of the November birthday month with the celebration of his 16th Birthday on Nov 2.

On the same day is also a public holiday in Singapore/Malaysia and other parts of Asia celebrating the festival of light of Hindus or Deepavali, also known as Divali. Best Wishes to all our Hindu friends in their celebration!
As my thoughts were on Hindus and India, I was surprised to see a doodle link done by Google in its main search engine page that I clicked which led to a photo of the lady above. She was somebody that I knew! To know why Google was paying tribute to her, click this link.

The multi-racial country like Malaysia makes these few days a compact celebration of multiple events with the addition of Awal Muharram on Nov 5. Best Wishes to all our Muslim friends too in their celebration! Click the links I've created above on the religious holidays to better understand why they are celebrated and remembered. The beauty of links is that it gives you fast access to information and knowledge and this has become my style of writing online to help expand the mind of my readers. I can be brief in a post but it can provide the reader with greater information or knowledge should they feel inspired to learn more by clicking the links! If you wanted to know how links relate to the latest discovery of our how our brain works, just click the link of the previous month's post mentioned earlier.

Now back to Ray's Birthday Celebration :

He did tell me his plans for his birthday that his school friends were coming to visit him and I wanted to plan some snacks and drinks but he told me they were not coming into our home but would be playing in the field etc. and having meals at the food court nearby. Suddenly in the morning I saw him moving away the rack of clothes that was in the living room to the outside garden

You can see the rack of clothes that primarily has his brother Shuan's army uniform seen each weekend when he gets to come home.

Ray also grabbed all the dried clothes that were yet to be folded that were stacked up on the living room furniture and threw them on the bed in the master bedroom where he has been sleeping.

So here are his school friends that came to celebrate his birthday. I welcome them with the warning they're in a completely boys home with no women so excuse the mess. I also had to impromptu find ways to entertain and take care of them as the father and host of the home!

I had just bought soft drinks bottles in preparation for them being thirsty in the field when I was told they were not coming into our home. With the surprise and remembering I had bought some local fruits from Malaysia on this recent trip, I could therefore give them an opportunity, being Singaporean kids, to try 'duku langsat' for the first time with other fruits at the same time! The ample bottles of A&W root beer, Sarsi and Ginger ale can be seen in the above pic beside the fruits.

As I had my notebook on the dining table in the living room connected to a larger LCD Screen, I started showing some of Ray's younger pics, like the above taken on his 5th birthday, which made everyone laugh!

He is now grown to be come a real teenager on his 16th Birthday

Always hungry and looking for food from the fridge...

...but still the fun of the party for his friends at school!

A Real Teenager on his 16th Birthday! from Dad the KL City Kid on Vimeo.

I put together a  video clip of the day's events with his friends that can be seen by clicking the video or link above.

In the evening after dinner, the family had planned for an online get-together on google+ hangout for the cutting of cake ceremony that has become traditional for our family on birthdays. Ray's sister Fei and Su joined in from the US to make it more merry for all of us boys at home in Singapore!

Shuan's 21st Birthday!

Today Nov 8 is the birthday of our Soldier Boy Shuan!

He is now a full adult at 21 but only a real Man only after completion of his army training!

He has a joint celebration with his cousin Ying Er on 9th Nov as she also turns 21 on 11th Nov. The following photos depict their celebration in the presence of family members and friends :

Back home, a traditional celebration continues with the online presence of Fei and Su in the US

With Fei and her dog Gadget on screen...

... and Su as well

Here is the video of Shuan's celebration with Ying Er and later at home again online with his sisters in the US

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