Sunday, May 08, 2011

For Mom on Mother's Day

No matter what we say or do
You always see us through.
There will always be still a smile for us
While your own sufferings, we may never know

Your example may not always be perfect
But your love for us always is
We may have many friends of sorts
But in you we can always trust

You built our hearts so confident
You made our minds so strong
Yet taught us to be humble and kind
And on God’s path is where we belong

You instructed us in the way we should stay
Taught us the truth through stories and by deeds
You helped us through our life’s mistakes.
Picking up the pieces from off the ground even

No matter how often we may have erred
Or how far we may have got off the right track
We could hear your prayers of crying tears
Knowing the Lord would always guide us back

We thank the Lord for Mother’s Day
That we can at least share these words with you
To know that we appreciate you deeply
And will always pray for your happiness and well being

From all the children and Dad.

(For more, see Dad's Reflections )

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