Congratulations to Woon Han for A Level exam results just received today!

Han must have been having sleepless nights or nightmares after the examination instead of before. Why? Well he has to maintain his reputation of being the Top Boy of his school. He has been a consistent and hardworking student prior to the A Levels so sleeping before would not be a problem. But after the exams, can he maintain to be at the top is the question that will surely disturb the sleep of any top performer like Han! 

Congrats Han!  You did it and know that even if you didn't, I will still be a Happy Dad. Here is an interesting experience just yesterday as I volunteered to help a family in KL for some car rides as both parents are away. I was ferrying the 7 year old to gym class at SCOPE and later for her tuition class. Being the youngest as our Ray is, she is quite a chatty young girl. As I was driving along the Ulu Klang highway to her tuition class in Taman Melawati, she started a comment about the other Dad that was driving her on another day. Here's how it goes -

Young Girl : Another Dad also helped to drive me the other day but he is so boring, not like you!

Dad : Oh why do you say so?

Young Girl : Well he just doesn't talk to me at all.

Dad : Well he could be having a lot of things in his mind. Adults you know have more responsibilities and problems in life than children.

Young girl : Yeahhh, I could read his face. It has problems written all over his face. (Repeated twice)

Dad : Oh.... and what do you see in my face then? (almost chuckling)

Young girl : You're a happy person.You are constantly smiling and talking to me!

Her comments just made me smile even more to make me the Happy Dad that I am! As you know, I prized the little time in the early days in KL to drive all you kids whenever I can no matter how early in the morning. So recently, when there was an opportunity to volunteer my help in KL, I gladly offered as it brought back the good feelings from the past. I'm glad one little girl shared her innocent comments and made me even a happier Dad! (To read more stories about my experience with her, click My Story of 7)

Well done my Son!  I always knew you are intelligent whether you become top or not. But today you've proven to us you are the BEST and that the BEST can still yet to be. If anything, just make sure you keep smiling from inside out to life itself always no matter what!.  " GIVE ME A FIVE on FaceBook! "

Here is your previous speech worth replaying at this hour :

Your latest achievement is added to the family blog post and your profile in familylane.

On the day Dad received news of your results, I felt inspired to climb up the Melawati Hill and look what I found up there :

One can view a 3rd party video of the hill climb Clicking Here.

Now the above happened on a Friday and the next day, I was at a Toastmasters Speech Contest and I drew a number 7 to be the 7th speaker in the contest. I wasn't the best in the contest but I know the Best is Yet to Be!

It's definitely a fun learning place at Toastmasters events!

The above true events of the recurring number 7 are added to a new post created for the year 2011 onwards.

Post dated events :

Mar 2011 - Celebration with Han's cousin Ying Er who celebrated their great results together previously.

We had a nice family dinner to celebrate their great achievements again for their A Level results
Thanks Han and Ying Er for giving us a good reason to have such a good dinner celebration together


Plenert said...

what a great young man!!

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hey are we still going to try to match him with Chelsea?