Eve of the 2nd decade of the New Millenium

A decade went by so quickly in the New Millenium. I can still remember typing out our annual newsletter to be sent out by snail mail in Dec 1999 that is scanned here. As technology became more available I started my first webpage greeting and updates in Dec 2000 with the first blog Christmas greeting appearing in the year 2005 where the actual first blogpost started in 2005 is found here.

Today we also have social networking programs like Facebook which was ranked by scientists from the British Science Association as the no. 6 in the top 10 'inventions' that changed the world. Apparently every day around the world, more than 3 billion minutes are spent by computer users on Facebook. Online social networking has allowed people to rekindle friendships with friends they lost touch with years ago and that is certainly true for our family. It has also helped us keep closer together as family members who are so spread out geographically today. We have enjoyed the blessings that family can become friends and friends can become family as quoted by our friends the Dallings in Portland USA on Facebook recently. They have already celebrated their 50th Anniversary together.

I recently took time to compile all the greetings and updates we have been sending out to friends and family since 1992. I have posted them in our main website http://www.familylane.info/ on the left red column half way down the page onwards. It is interesting to note the chronological order of the communications and when each new mode was used!

We hope this online message and greetings from us gets out to you on a timely moment on this auspicious day.

We wish you the very best in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT for another decade at least, past 2012 hahaha!

Our Never Ending Christmas Story on video is now completed below for more hahaha. Remember it's always mixed with fiction and truth. The real truth with details can be deciphered if you take time to browse through all our posts in our websites, blogs and facebook summarized in our familylane website above. GOOD LUCK!!!

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