The Old Boys Network is strong in Singapore too

A few emails circulated around a week before the date for a dinner on Thursday 29th July in Singapore for an informal old school boys gathering and here are the pics for the night :

Gathered from left to right is me and my wife Geok Lee, Sim Seng, Sui Guan, Eric Lee Seng Kiong, Chee Hoo, Steven Chiam, Francis Tan and Bob Toh

Some late comers were Patrick Wong with his wife Shirley

Missing in the above photo is Chee Hoo who went to the Men's room

We found ourselves after dinner at the Padang area, site of the Formula One race and also the National Day parade as in the Padang in Kuala Lumpur

We sat on the VIP seats to enjoy the view from there.

 We sang our St John's "Oh When the Saints" cheer song too!

Just less than a week ago, on the previous Saturday of July 24th, some of us were present in Kuala Lumpur for the Memorial service of one of our old buddies, Terry Moe, who passed away in Hong Kong. You can view the photos of that gathering by clicking here

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