July 4th in America

Today I’m at Church in Singapore for the fast and testimony meeting. Several testimonies were shared before me and one was from a young newly married couple who just returned from the Manti Temple in Utah,USA. Having just returned from our own daughter's wedding in Logan Utah, I was prompted to share my testimony of the gospel that is centered on love.

I mentioned of the time when I was a young adult living in KL and would come down to S’pore to attend Church seminars on marriage and families by Bro. AC Ho who was present in the congregation. I thanked him for setting the sights for us young adults at that time for the future.

I had continued in my life from there to raise my own familywith the goal to have a forever family with relationships that will last to the eternities. In the process of building my family in the gospel of love, I had also built many forever relationships with friends in and outside the Church, many of whom are from the USA.

Being July 4th today, I like to wish all our American friends Happy Independence Day and dedicate the video clip below that reflects the spirit of a country that leads the world today :

Postdated event (4 July 2013) : Apparently the above video clip of the Battle Hymn of the Republic July 4 version sung by the Mormon Tabernacle that looks at the history of America in the past 100 years is no longer available in youtube. I checked with other sources like here to see if it is available but it has also been removed from their site for reasons not stated.  I will therefore replace it with an older version below :


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