Double birthdays on the month of June

June has two birthdays just two days apart, of Fei the oldest and Ern the second last child. An old post of this family blog celebrating their birthdays when Fei turned 22 and Ern 11 can be viewed by clicking here.

Just four years later, they are now 26 and 15 and Fei had just crossed the threshold to be now married to Christopher Wyatt on 29 May 2010.

For Fei who now lives in the United States with her husband, we hope she had a nice birthday celebration with Christopher who now becomes responsible for her happiness and well being. This is in accordance to my own feelings when I felt I took over custodial responsibility of Mom from her father when I married her as recorded in my journal post here .

So today is Ern's birthday and we continue to celebrate his birthday for him on his special day. For the whole family to celebrate with him, we will have our customed online celebration at 11pm tonight on Malaysia/Singapore time as on this day the girls are in USA, Han in Russia, Dad in Malaysia and the 3 boys with Mom are in Singapore!

Here is a video clip of Ern blowing the candles of his birthday cake :

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