Mom's continuing fight with Cancer

Mom had a history of cancer treatment since early 2006 with the last major treatment recorded on 26 Nov 2007 which you can read here. Public and private videos have been created of her cancer experience which can be viewed here. Recently she detected another lump on her breast that led to a biopsy and further scanning.

The following photos depict the experience at the hospital:

Some positive posters seen at the National Cancer Centre to welcome us back

The difference this time is that most people are wearing masks as we had to do so too due to the H1N1 epidemic

The scanning was of an advance type where a slice by slice cross section image of the body can be produced!

This is how the scanner looks like, something like from the Star Trek movie perhaps.

Mom would further be consulting with several doctors for their knowledge and opinions.

The scans confirmed the cancer had spread to her bones or in technical terms, there has been a breast cancer metastasis. A drug would be administered to her to strengthen her bones while another will help speed up menopause which reduces the level of estrogen in the body that breast cancer is supposed to feed on.

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