Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Woon Ray!

The last quarter of the year kicks off a series of birthdays in our family starting with Su Min's on Oct 4. With the children spread out in several places now as they grow older, I can only sometimes be there with them on their birthday like Su Min's 20th when I was in Provo, Utah. I was with Han's last Oct 19 in Singapore but not with Ray today on his 10th birthday. He will get a belated present from me when I am Singapore on Nov 8th for Woon Shuan's birthday! Anyway we had a good time together as seen in the following pics:
First we get connected online
Then the cake is lit and we sing the Happy Birthday song

He takes a deep breath .....

...and he blows the candles on his cake after making his wish!

At last he can now open his presents, the thing he has been waiting for all day. Welcome to the double digit age Ray!

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