Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy 22nd Birthday Su Min

It's her birthday today but we already wished her by email on Monday earlier this week as she only gets to check her emails on her P(preparation) day on Mondays. As she cannot surf the net to read our family blogs, a CD compilation of all our family blogs were sent to her by snail mail as part of her birthday package.

Her mission journal can be found in her blog and her mission call can be read here

The following are some photos taken on her mission in Oakland California with her own comments :

First day in Oakland with my trainer Sister Scholl and President and Sis Beck

First Baptism with Sister Daniels, my trainee companion

Three-some with Sis.Scholl and Sis Hsiao at the Sikh Temple

Sister Khanakham washing the car!

Me, sis.McKnight and sis Gilliatt holding my companion sis.Hsiao

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