Family Reunions on a less happy occasion

After the last wedding dinner, I had a good night's sleep to hit the highway at pre-dawn for Singapore

DAY 1 - By the time it was bright morning, I was close to reach Singapore! The object was to bring Geok Lee to the hospital for her second operation for breast cancer. The account for her first operation is found here

It's Sunday morning and it was mainly preparation time for the operation on Monday morning.

Even before the operation, friends from Church dropped by to offer prayers. Bishop Jon Lim and his wife Doreen is seen in the above photo.

DAY 2 - On Monday morning, she is finally ready to be rolled to the operation theatre.

She went into the theatre about 11am

Only at about 9pm the same day was she returned back to the ward.

Still quite weak and drowsy, family members could only stand in quietness to see her without much communication from her.

DAY 4 - After a full day's rest, she was more alert and refreshed on the fourth day

More family members came by to visit, mainly Geok Lee's two brothers in Singapore and their wives. She had another full day of rest with more visitors from church visiting.

DAY 6 - It's Friday October 19 and Han turns 17! We brought a cake to the hospital so Mom could join in the celebration with Fei Min joining us on the phone in Beijing

We couldn't leave out the nurses that have been taking good care of mom!

DAY 7 - She finally got discharged from hospital and Woon Pin, Dad's nephew who is working in Singapore came by for a visit at the home.

To continue her journey of treatments in the hospital, it is best to click here.

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