Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Anniversay

A picture can paint a thousand words.
Yet no words can express my feelings at this moment.


Dad the KL city kid said...

To my sweetheart of 23 years,

Thanks for standing by me through all the years and I look forward to many more years to come!

It's great to be home in the month of December which seems reflective of our busy lives together. Didn't it start on a Friday with a farewell party for the Craguns, then Tek Seng's daughter's wedding the next day, Church and meetings on Sunday, reunion dinner with old school friends on Monday etc etc etc ??? With the girls home for the holidays and more family visits from near and afar, we will never stop partying!

I like to make a toast to you(since I'm a toastmaster hehe)for a life of parties with lots of good friends and family members but always cherishing our intimate moments with each other!%*#%

Anonymous said...

Very happy for you. 23 years and going strong. Life is sweeter and sweeter.