Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Birthday Bash -- On Cyber Space

What's a birthday bash without a birthday cake? So here's our virtual cake...it's yummy blue berry cake--Malaysian style--fluffy sponge cake sandwiched blueberry sauce and coated with whipped fresh cream.

By the way, the birthday gal is .....

SU!rpr!se =)

Happy Birthday Su!

You're leaving your teenage years behind you and on the threshold to adulthood. May this new year be filled with plenty of dreams come true for you! It was really nice twenty years ago, to bring you home as a birthday gift to Dad. It's been wonderful to have you with us, a gift from God.
Here's a little something put together for your enjoyment: A Birthday Album

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SU!!! The big twenty years old! Holy cow!! I loved the slide show of you, that was so fun to see you when you were little! I was a little surprised(horified) to see me in there too! hahahaa...Such good memories, I love the elephant pictures. :) Thanks for being such a wonderful friend who I have always looked up to because you are always striving to do exactly what the Lord wants you to do. You're awesome Su! I'm so glad I could see you in August! It really made my summer. I hope you did something fun!! Know that someone up in Rexburg loves you so much! Lots of Love, Karen