Blow me a Kiss

Blow me a kiss
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A Smile...sent from above

By Satheesan Rangorath

A smile on your lips!
Springs a thousand doves,
Pure white wings spread
Long strokes against blue sky,Y
our heart, heaving in rhythmic waves
Lashes the shore,
A glance of yours graces the earth,
Your thoughts shine stars.
With wonder and awe,
Mouth wide aghast,
Seeing your charisma
Charming my mind beaming,
I succumb,Struck at your beauty,
Your divinity beaming graciously
All around.
Grains of your love fall on earth,
The mystique mist blows away in patches
To distant lands.
Oh my master!
Carry me in your hands slow
To those terrains unknown.
When you deposit me on the
Fertility of your thoughts
Blow me a kiss,

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E.Marie said...

AHH Su i miss you!!! hope you are doing good and here is an electronic hug!!!