Good News. Bad News.

I don't check my mail for a week and here's what I get:

From the Office of the Registrar...


Dear Su Min: (It's Su! get it right!)

This letter is to inform you that we are unable to finalize your graduation for June 2005 as you have the following deficiency:

5 additional creditds for you Associate degree
If you are taking this course(s) at another institution please have the transcripts sent to our office as soon as you have completed the course. In order to be eligible for the next graduation date, August 11, 2005, you will need to have this course(s) completed by August 1, 2005. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 293-3744.
August 1, 2005?!!!!! they send me a letter half way through summer term to tell me I need to take a class before summer ends?!!! What the crap?!! Yeah, someone please call 293-3744 for me...if I were to call, I think only swear words will come out..not that I know that many swear words...sigh..
So yeah, why can't I stay angry for longer than 10 seconds?
Next, from the Office of the Vice President for Academics (phew...that was a looooong name!)
...Open letter...hmm some sort of a certificate...
Su Min Chong
Congratulations for achieving the distinction of being named
to the University Dean's List for:
Spring 2005
May you continue to have a successful academic experience at BYU-Hawaii.
Signature of
Vice President for Academics
The University Honor Roll is composed of students whose grade point average is in the top 5% of
those who completed at least 15 credit hours during the semester or 6 in a term.
Wow...nice gift from the school before I leave for BYU Provo...those 9 credits I took last Spring was worth it...=)
Yup, the bitter sweet story of my life at BYU-Hawaii...
...30 more days...
...and counting down!


Singapore Girl said...

You must have a lousy academic adviser or someone in the Office of Registra is not doing her/his job...sorry to hear that. *Hug*

I suggest you still call personally at the registra to find out what was exactly short and when you could have taken those short credits. Let them know you had not been advised early enough and give them a good show down before you leave!!! It's an imperfect world but graduation is no small matter to kid around with.

But, congragtulations!!!! Dean's List, finally! Well done!

Dad the KL city kid said...

The recent frustrations I've been reading in our blog or family links has made me add the word 'frustrations' to our blog header description! I put it after 'accidents', another negative hehehe

The Singapore Girl always says it in the best way possible. For me, I just want you to know it's just another mistake in life that happens. We need to learn to forgive ourselves when it is our own mistake or forgive others if their mistake affect us.

Great thing about life is that we have a choice not to live around past mistakes and make new choices to move on with life.

So just share the problem with someone in authority to realize how easily the mistake could happen to any student so that they can avoid it happening again. Break it gently to them, using more logic than emotions and then just look forward to a new beginning in Provo!

Remember life is a continuous journey and we just create milestones as we travel along. You still have many more wonderful milestones to achieve so enjoy the journey!