Sunday, June 19, 2005

Celebrating Fatherhood and children's birthdays

The past week was preoccupied with celebrating birthdays, the first was Fei's big 21st birthday away from home in Hawaii. That was followed by Ernie's 10th birthday which was celebrated at home with a party to invite his school friends. More of Ernie's birthday pics are found at his blog.

Ernie celebrated his 10th birthday with a party to invite his school friends

There were many fun games at the party

They seem to enjoy playing games more than eating the food prepared for the party

How appropriate that the week ended with Father's day. I am the happy recipient of two M&M bow ties presented by the 2 primary boys at church, Ern and Ray. Pictured below is me wearing one of them!

Happy Father's Day!

My Father's Day M&M bow tie

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