A Mother's Day Message

You always find a way to help me out, to give and share,
You always find the time
to talk awhile, to just be there,
And though I may not always
find the words to show I care,
I hope, within your heart,
you'll always know.

Mother's Day

Whenever I feel inspiration is coming to me I will look up into the sky and this is what I saw on the evening of 20th April

Let's visit Times Square behind my office block and check out the newest bookstore there!

Checking out the 60,000 sq ft bookstore spread out on two floors at Times Square

Look what's found in the Borders Bookstore

Even dummies can become Mormons!


Han 文翰 said...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day mom!I hope you have a happy mother's day.

Shuan said...

hope you have a very happy mothers day!

Singapore Girl said...

Thanks everyone!! I like April and May, they are MY months, hehehe.

Fei said...

Happy Mother's day to the best mother a girl could ever ask for.

I love you Mom.